Pileated woodpeckers! They’re huge, maybe two feet tall.  They don’t show themselves often.  Once in a while I’ll catch a glimpse as they sweep through the forest. I first know they’ve returned when I hear them. They sound so out of place in east Texas. You ask yourself if something has escaped from a rainforest exhibit at the local zoo. Seriously! Their loud resounding call is tropical, Amazonian.  The first few times I heard it, I thought, what is That?!  I recognize them now and it makes me smile. Recently I found this tree and with a bit of research figured out, it’s Them. Evidence of their handiwork.  Clearly they’re as fierce and powerful in their hunting as one might imagine. Pileated woodpeckers dig more thoroughly than an excited archeologist! The fresh pale color of the shavings tell a story of spring nesting and hungry babies. I haven’t sighted them yet but they’re here. Sweet tea and cookies!


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