When You read this you will chuckle because you predicted I would write this and you know who you are.  But, it won’t be what you thought it would be.  Everything is something to write about.  A first trip to the grocery store has a secret story to tell. Open your heart to what life has for you and adventure will unfold before your eyes.  All of the experiences that life hands to us have something to teach us.  Yes, All of them! Many of them, I’ll admit, I’d rather not learn or at least not so painfully.  Nevertheless, there they are.  A gift for the unwrapping tied up in plain brown paper and white cotton string.  On a  beautiful Wednesday in the early spring we met in an old house warmed by  years of living amongst its walls.  Warm?! Are you for real? It was freezing, you’ll recall.  Yes, it was.  But, I still say that wonderful old house is warm with the spirit of the lovely people who called it home for so long.  So, there.  I can hear you now, ok, I guess, but it was still cold.   I surprised you with  some old fashioned home cooking complete with cast iron skillet and donning an apron.  I’m a messy cook. As the food baked up in the oven I tucked my feet up under me and we both settled in to the afternoon. Be still and listen.  For a while the world fell away and all that was left was two souls and a story.  thank you for trusting me enough to share.  Just maybe, in that moment the song of life became a little sweeter for someone. I do hope so.


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