Yesterday, I posted a photo of a baby tortoise whom I found on the forest floor.  Adorable, right?  He’s wonderful because he’s tiny, miniaturized, new.  Honestly though,  I think he looks rather grumpy.  I can imagine him saying – who said you could touch me, why are you touching me, seriously, stop touching me. So, he’s adorable and new and grumpy.  He’s taken on quite a personality in so short a time hasn’t he?  It sounds like a children’s story.  The Grumpy Tortoise.  hmmm.  Yesterday I had no words to go with my little friend, only a couple of images that moved me.  I posted her anyway and waited. 

Let Go and Trust.  Today she is the best place to begin… This morning I feel as if I could write all day long.  No struggling for words.  My dilemma is how to sort them out and narrow them down to make some sense out of the madcap mess of thoughts!  I’m trying to figure out wordpress.  Why am I doing this?  A place to share my photos?  Or a story?  Is it even about sharing?  To say what I want to I have to make myself forget that someone may read this and instead I have to just write.  Otherwise I lose something.  Although it probably doesn’t seem like it, I do go back and read over what I’ve written,  adding and subtracting to make it somewhat coherent.  You see, I write the way I think, here to there and back again.  all over the place.  I had years of fantastic teachers! I know what good grammar looks like and punctuation too.  It takes a noun and a verb to make a complete sentence. Commas should be used thus and such.  Have you ever heard the expression – one must first learn all of the rules before one can break them? Breaking the rules is where creativity comes to play. Think Picasso! Even Da Vinci broke the rules of his own age!  Now, I am neither Picasso nor Da Vinci by a long shot.   I only write as I think, placing commas where they make the most sense to me.  A fragment for simplicity or emphasis.  It all sounds just right to me.  I wonder though if it’s difficult for someone else to follow.  Soon enough in these posts I’ll be repeating myself.  Favorite words and expressions used time and again.  We all have patterns.  That’s how comedians become so successful.  They study a person until they locate their patterns.  And we the audience, howl with laughter at how well they’ve managed it. I am learning what wordpress will be to me and for me.  Notice I say wordpress and not blog.  I am not a blogger.  I do not blog.  I don’t even like blogging.  Wait, what?  It’s the word.  Blog. Ugh!  I will wordpress, write, post or even ponder.  But, I will Not Blog.  I refuse.  I mentioned my aversion to the word blog to my son who also writes on wordpress and he agreed mightily.  In fact, his objections were far more colorful and emphatic than mine.  I’ll simply say that I prefer the word wordpress to blog because blogging sounds like some sort of despicable thing that I have no desire to do.   Laughing?  I hope so. Words!!  Oh, how they can move me…providence, magnificent, whatsamawhosit… three words that inspire me one by one to hope, imagine and laugh. So many wonderful possibilities. Oh! I just now realized my baby tortoise is indeed a girl.  Her name must be Greta.  Grumpy Greta!  Time for me to go.  I’ve written enough to ease my mind.  I wordpress because I write and I write because I love words… I doubt I’ll stop pondering why this is anytime soon but it probably is just that easy.

P. S. The photos of the adult female laying eggs were taken two years ago when I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Also blessedly no dogs were interested in Ms Tortoise’s moment of grace. 


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