Dr. Seuss has been whispering in my ear since I awakened this morning.  I’ve never had a day quite like this.  Almost all of my thoughts came out in rhyme!  I’ve lost track of how many tidbits I’ve scribbled here and there.  Yes, everywhere.  Even now as I write this introduction I’m trying Not to give in to the rhyming.  Clearly, I’m failing.  It’s been pretty silly and ridiculous actually and I’ve wondered more than once if this is how Theodore Geisel spent his days.  Definitely jolly!  I had thoughts of a far different post today.  Alas, that was not to be.  Another day perhaps.  However, I finally gave in to the moment and… Voila!

So many words.

so little time.

if only they’d fit on the face of a dime.

I could carry them with me,

all round the world.

use them up slowly for this thing and that.

even keep some stuffed up in the brim of my hat.

for you never, you never, you never do know,

when just the right word will take over the show.

and when I curl up to fall fast asleep,

I’ll tuck them there too in the dark and the deep.

cause even a place filled with fantastical dreams,

needs a few wonderful words to make it burst at the seams.

graceful and giggle and gotcha and giver,

they set me afire, atremble, aquiver

ah the words that will fit on the face of that dime,

I’d go on  and on, if we only had time.

what about you?

what do you say?

how many words do you keep on your shelf?

are you stingy and share them with only your elf?

bring them out often!

give them away!

they’re free don’t you know?!

oh please let them play!

Please stop rhyming

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