Happy May Day!  Today is the very first day of the merry merry month of May .  May is a lovely name for a woman.  May Anne Brodie.  Whoever might she be?  “May I?” is one of the nicest ways to ask permission.  May I carry your books, the shy little gentleman asks the young lady.  May bestows great blessing from one to another.  May a blue sky smile above you and your path be always clear.  May day! May day!  A cry for help comes through loud and strong.  How curious that one seems to me.  Perhaps if I add a few more words it becomes more clear.  May I please have help this day!  I wonder if it began just like that so long ago and then someone in haste and emergency shortened it to – May day!  May delights us with all things soft and feminine.  Tradition has it that on this day one should leave an anonymous gift of flowers on someone’s door.  A small bouquet with a satin ribbon for hanging…

May your heart be filled with joy 

May you know beauty in all things

May you ask a wonderful question

May you hear a sweet reply

May your home be filled with laughter 

May you receive help in time of need


May you always be blessed with flowers

english dogwood

Happy Happy May Day!






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