I love that first glimpse of the field in the morning.  I love when the lake is still and my heron is still and I can be still with them. I have much to learn from him.  I love when the sky is as blue as a morning glory like it is today.  I love when no matter where I look there are a thousand shades of green.  Each one different.  Each one beautiful.  I love when a spider’s web catches more than breakfast, gathering light and transforming it into tiny earth bound stars.  I love when the ducks fly overhead and I can hear the faint whistle of their wings against the air.  I love when the blackberries are ripe for picking.  I eat far more than I ever take home.  I love when music fills my heart.  I even love when Jack comes crashing on the scene with his own love of life and tells me it’s time to keep moving – places to go, holes to dig, naps to take. It’s hard to take pictures of Jack.  He could take a few lessons from the heron on stillness.   Ok Jack, let’s go…


morning light

I got thisblue sky at the lakegood morning jackshades of green 894catching the light


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