Bo waiting for the bus
What’s a bus? I’m really good at this waiting thing, aren’t I?
Bobolicious waiting with me
Can I sit in your lap while we wait?
Bo waiting for cheetos
If you don’t have any cheetos, do you at least have some bacon?
Bo waiting to go home
I’d really like to get home to my nice soft sofa, just so you know.

Bo is the waitingest dog I ever did see. No matter where we are, if I stop, then he sits to wait…  If I told him, now sit right here while we wait for the bus Bo, I swanee he would say –  well, ok.  Do you have any cheetos? It’d be swell if you had some.  Cause I’d really love some cheetos while I wait for this bus thing.  But, if you don’t have any that’s ok too.  I can wait til we get home.  I bet there’s cheetos at home.  Cheetos sure do sound good about now.  Say, have you got any cheetos?  When’s that bus gonna get here? – Just so you know, Bo has a slow drawl when he talks.  


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