I perch here at the island with my spiral open and waiting before me. Always waiting … ink glides across the lined paper with only a little effort.   Words form one sweet letter at a time.  Healthy pauses.  Renewed thought. Words traveling more up than down.  They are like the weight of a stone slowing me and yet… lifting me. I wonder if they come stronger with pain. Or, not really.  They are the same thoughts after all…strung together like carefully knotted pearls.  A lovely circle, never perfect…

once upon a time…

Each pearl was specially chosen and placed.  String was laid out.  By the hand of a master they were tied together, forever as one.  They were not slid haphazardly in a line  leaving them to bump and scrape at one another. That is a good way to lose them all.  No.  One pearl. One nearly invisible knot of love.  Alternating, first one and then the other.  One iridescent beauty.  One common bit of white.  The one to shine.  The other to hold.  All at once they come together as one treasured whole!

Then, one day…a very fragile place wears thin…breaks wide.  But, because of the knots, one doesn’t lose everything.  Without them there would be a chaos of bouncing and rolling, hither and yon…gone forever.  The one pearl at the breaking point must be gathered and saved.  The rest remain tightly together.

The eternal circle is only a line now.  It may be laid out and admired but it can no longer be worn. Put them away for a long while.  It is too painful to look upon them and to remember. At first there is only the brokenness. One separated from the others and rather lost.  A deep sigh. Wrap them tenderly in tissue and tuck them away in a special place.

They will wait.  Until…you are ready.  One day you think of them and know.  It is time…a search for the tissue wrapped treasure ensues.  Unfolded so gently with a beating heart.  It has been so long.  There they wait in a lovely heap not looking as broken as you remembered.  A sweet dawn of hope embraces you.  You had almost forgotten how very much they favored tiny full moons at rest in your palm.  Oh… their familiar coolness so refreshing to the touch brings a warm smile.

The delicate undertaking begins.  The solitary task of starting anew.  An empty space in which to create.  Light to see what lies before you. A lifetime of lessons reminding you of your own true north.  The softest music. The surest hand to guide both pearls and thread. They wait. You wait.  Waiting only for a gentle touch to bring them whole again.

Painstakingly, one at a time the tiniest knot is created between each pearl.   Almost invisible, it surrenders all of its fame to the pearl it protects. The silky white thread bestows space.  Each pearl is free!  Free to be quietly unto itself while still keeping a special place as part of the whole.  Therein lies the gentle strength of the knot.  The smallest bit of string unnoticed on most days, wisely and carefully tied creates the most loving bond between each precious full moon.

The pearl held forever by the strong knotted silk. Oh, how lovingly they come together… circle upon circle always…

Enough time has past.  You are ready once more to enjoy their beauty.  One was very nearly lost.  With patience and loving care they have come round into the circle they were always meant to be.

Only you hold the memory of the broken place and of the one that was almost lost.  A single tear falls for that long ago moment as you clasp them around your neck…afraid to look in the mirror.  A smile that nods tenderly to the sorrows of the past just as surely as it reaches hopefully to the future. Take them between your fingers, a gentle back and forth just to remind yourself they are really there, where they should be.

the end…

no, never the end.

that which is most dear will never be lost if you will only knot it lovingly in your heart and wait…

always and forever the beginning…

35 thoughts on “the knot’s tale

      1. yes, the pictures jog the memory. somehow they can remind you of much more about that time. even old pictures can resurface long forgotten memories. that is one thing i like so much.

        i am a big scanner and even enjoy other people’s old photos. of course i don’t know what was taking place at the time but still appreciate the images for the feelings they can convey.

        some photos are very moving even when you know no one involved or the circumstances. they are little pieces of history to me that someone else loved at one time.

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      2. I love old photos too. No matter who’s in them, there’s something about them that makes me wonder. I have a wonderful box of old family pictures that I enjoy wandering through every once in a while.

        Then there are the ones you were there for and they brings back so many memories. As you can tell, I dearly love the sky and can hardly walk out the door without finding something beautiful. 😊


      3. always looking up when out. of course you have to watch the path too. never know what might be in front of you. but yes, my eyes are always drawn to the sky, to see what is going on. it become habit.

        it’s funny about old slides. they were so valuable to the owner at one time. not that they looked at them often because it was kind of an ordeal to haul out a projector and run it. Once they are scanned in it is never work again. fire off the random slideshow and let it take you where it likes.

        I have about 25k of other people’s old slides scanned now that I bought and scan more all the time. many are trash of course because of quality. I delete some of those. the others play mixed in with mine in slideshow.

        I love other people’s new pics too. but I do not download them what with all the copywrite concerns. so I only look at new pics on people’s sites on wp. there are so many excellent photographers.

        it makes me wonder though what will become of digital photos over time. do they end up in the dustbin eventually? I use my entire library continuously randomly but I wonder how many others do.

        slides that people one time treasured end up selling for a pittance at estate sales or auctions. obviously photos people own have the most value to them till they are gone. then the grandkids don’t seem to care.

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      4. That’s wonderful! I mean it’s great to gather and preserve such treasures, even if they are someone else’s.

        There are so many beautiful photos out there. It’s so easy now to take as many as you’d like. I wonder what will happen to them as well.

        I’m thrilled to have my grandmothers photos! But I’ve always loved them. Sitting on the floor and sorting them, asking her who’s who. Those memories are as good as the ones in the pictures themselves. 😊


      5. a descent photo, negative and slide scanner is less than 200. I have an older scanner that cost about 120. some day I hope to upgrade.

        you would love your grandmother’s photos scanned in. The quality of photo scanners is really good now. it is a lot of work though. it takes quite a while for each scan. it is worth it though.

        I back everything up too. I don’t want to lose any of it since it is irreplaceable and took so much time. preserving is exactly what it is. capturing and preserving constantly.

        better than watching the news. sometimes I don’t even know what happened in the week. if it were not for internet headlines I would be completely uninformed.

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      6. Yes, I would love to preserve them. I imagine there are others who must care and would someday enjoy them as you and I do.

        Definitely better than the news! I will opt for my lovely walk over news Any day. 😊


  1. many years ago I used a film 35mm camera for a few years. i was carful with each snap because it cost me about 25 cents per shot. eventually I stopped all together because it was too expensive and I did not have the time.

    I bought my first digital a couple years ago now and have not stopped snapping since. I figure each time I take a pic it saves me 25 cents. so I snap with abandon to save as much money as I can.

    then I figured out the scanning and slideshow thing over time. now the only limitation is time.

    it would be nice to be able to travel like other people do and take pictures around the world but I won’t be doing that.

    that is one reason I love sunsets. I let them come to me. they are as unique as anything around the world even when taken in the same place. I travel a mile to be there. it’s been 2 years and they are still new all the time.

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    1. I love pictures too. Digital has been an amazing thing for me. Like you say 35mm could get very expensive and you weren’t even sure if it would be good until after you paid for it.

      I haven’t done much scanning and slideshow yet. I should learn it though.

      I don’t travel either. I guess that’s why I love people’s pictures from all over the world. A little bit like I’ve visited myself.

      The more I walk the more I realize I have a beautiful world right outside my door. I wouldn’t give anything for it. Trees and sky and sunset everyday! What a blessing. 😊

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      1. i am curious. you mentioned you listen to music during your walks. what do you listen to if i may ask? don’t feel obliged to answer. when i see walkers on the path here listening to something i wonder what it could be.

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      2. I love music of all kinds. I listen to a great variety. Different genres for different tasks. Classical goes beautifully with my walk. No lyrics so the thoughts can just flow. And then I often just let the woodland noises be my music. Thank you 😊

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      3. i think you may be my twin. classical is my favorite too and choral especially. since most of it is another language it does not interrupt the thoughts. it’s just beautiful.

        i don’t listen to music when out. i like to hear the surroundings too. some of that is nearby traffic noise but i mostly ignore that. there is also live music from a nearby restaurant some nights which is distracting but now and then worth hearing. the bands may be very talented but not what i want to listen to.

        i had a feeling you may say classical. you are right, it does not interrupt the thought flow. it more complements it. when you hear words in your own language in music you have to process that which can be good or bad but it affects your thinking.

        thoughtful answer. could not have said it better. Thank you


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  2. i used to walk in the woods each evening when i was closer to some. i always enjoyed the sunset through the trees but did not realize what i was missing with it over water. there was a spot i went to where it had a vantage point where the sun set over the stream part of the year. i did not own a camera then so would just watch it from there.

    i knew the path by heart of course and many nights made it back by porch lights. When the trees are in leaf not much light is coming through them after dark, as you know. i always thought of them as my woods even though they were next to a neighborhood. after all i used them the most. ownership by appreciation.

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    1. I know what you mean. Ownership by appreciation is a perfect way to declare it. Sometimes it seems the sun sets just for me. I wonder at my fortune in that moment. And yes I become rather protective of my woods too.


  3. i guess i am the same way about sunsets. if i am the only one there to get it from that vantage point then it is mine. sunsets can vary quite a bit even from a relatively short distance. so i figure whatever happens where i am is just for me if i am the only one watching from there. then i enjoy them often in pictures once i have them. so in a sense it becomes mine.

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  4. waiting for the good ones is worth it too. the past two nights teased me with what looked like it would ignite in color but did not happen. they were both still good and worth going and getting the pictures which are dramatic but not with bright colors.

    i love that moment when the colors first show and you feel it will get better from there. then it starts to happen fast and you cannot believe what you are seeing. it is such a rush to be there for it. i figure it happened about 8 times in the past few months. there were plenty in between that were wonderful too but maybe not as intense as the best ones.

    i would not have wanted to miss any of those 8 though. so it can tease me as much as it wants. i know there is more in store eventually and will keep going back as long as able.

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  5. sorry for talking too much. i figured you would relate. when you listen to your thoughts like you described it can let the imagination run wild. pretty soon you start thinking that sunset was just for me like i do. who’s to say it wasn’t? ownership by appreciation.

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  6. more than a few times i would be walking back after an incredible one and passing someone on the path ask if they saw the sunset. most of the time they would say no since it was way after dark by then and they missed it. i learned to not try to describe it and sound too much like a lunatic walking in the dark. i just smile and say it was a good one and continue on my way.

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      1. yes, that is it. the same place but not really. all it takes is a little look outside that time of day to see if it is something you do not want to miss. so you lose some hour of sitcoms or news. like you said. it is calming. a chance to contemplate in the quiet and sky for a while. i think looking at the sky is good for you. it feels that way.

        we are caught up in so many things with more vying for our attention all the time. there needs to be a time when you shut it all off and just look and listen. it is certainly my favorite time of day.

        Thank you for the talk. i imagine you are out there about the same time i am. i’ll be thinking about you on my walks and wish you and the pups a most enjoyable time during yours. be safe. i stepped on a snake in the water yesterday and felt it wiggle from under my boot and watched it swim away fast. that is the first time i actually stepped on one. oohoohooh. gives me the shivers.

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      2. Thank you as well. Ive enjoyed it. It’s so nice to visit with someone who loves the sky and sunsets as much as I do. Yes, we probably are out about the same time. I’ll think of you too. Snake under the boot is definitely worth a shiver. Ugh. Be careful. I find they are active before things settle for the winter. A last hurrah, so to speak. Wishing you a beautiful sunset! 😊

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