Gently this day wakes to the humming of the fan and a chill in the air. I’m happy for that. The last few weeks have been fast and furious. Let them be softened by time and rainy days. 

May something good come of it all…. 

There were plenty of good things along the way to be sure!  

A few extra feet joined in my walk. They were a grand and welcome treat! One fuzzy life hopped away! Criss cross applesauce hands in my lap with some sweet tiny friends! The sharing of a lightbulb moment! A simple meal at the end of a long week! Being a part of the very first author event of someone so very dear to me!  

Prayer and poetry and peaceful moments…unopened books waiting for me…

The first pumpkin bread of the season warmed my kitchen from the inside out. The sweet scent of it drifted from room to room, a cozy reminder that autumn is truly and finally here. I shared it fresh from the oven. When I delivered the first loaf it was still warm in its shiny foil wrapper. Five loaves gone in two short days. I will happily bake more. It is a joy of the season for me! First to bake it. Then to give it away. Except the slices I taste test for quality control… 

But there was a hole I never could quite climb out of. No ladder. No rope. No foothold. 

Over the weekend we received some very much needed rain…

I found myself walking in the rain at dusk, such a perfect reflection of my thoughts. There’s nothing quite so nice at times as wandering the woods in a light rain. Pull my ponytail through a baseball cap and head out the door and down the trail…

The dogs will not go out in the rain on purpose…unless I do. If I go, they go. My constant companions stay closer when it rains, pausing every few steps to be sure. Looking back at me. Are we really doing this? Yes…we are. Keep going. Ok then. If you say so. 

What I can see of the sky is grayish white. It feels more like fog than sky, the way the clouds encircle me from every which way holding me tight to the ground. Tight to myself. Rain washes over the landscape painting all of the colors a darker shade of whatever they already are. Leaves and bark and flowers too…Everything takes in the life giving water… and changes.  

The lake stretches out before me. Open and waiting. Tiny circles dot the surface here and there…teardrops falling gently from the sky. The pond silently accepts them with no questions asked. Each one makes a difference. I gaze a while, watching the tiny droplets one by one become part of something so much bigger than themselves. Giving themselves away. Disappearing in the whole. 

We are at our best when we give ourselves away…

Deeper amidst the trees now Mozart thunders in my ear. He is a perfect complement to birds and light footsteps on a wet woodland path. The rain comes rhythmically like musical notes. From cloud to branch it falls like fingers on a keyboard composing a brilliant song! Drops that catch nearby are strong like drumbeats. They pound at the thirsty earth. While others never make it through the treetops remaining so faded and far away. They echo softly in reply to their own question.  

Then there are the closest drops, the ones that soak your clothes and glisten on your skin, the ones that chill you or refresh you, the ones you keep for your very own and make all the difference…those drops you cannot hear at all. They do not have a sound. They silently disappear. Perhaps they become part of you just as the ones that offer themselves to fill the lake.   

There is a gift in even the most trying times if I see with heart instead of eyes alone. Sometimes those gifts, the ones that come in the silent tears of the wind and rain, are the most precious ones after all.

Today is a new beginning, a very innocent one, fresh and full of promise. What secret destination awaits…

12 thoughts on “softened by rainy days

  1. a poem throughout. I like the steam rising from the water in the rain. I can only imagine how wonderful the woods smell.

    I have heard some Moz play with the others mixed in at some point this week. it’s a given when I have the time to listen. I bought the masters complete work’s CD sets on the auction site a few years ago for about 50 cents per cd or less. Moz’s set has 175 CDs as I recall. Bach’s has 157 give or take depending on the slight variations. Beethoven has 87 or 88. love them all. Others had less but are equally amazing. I still keep an eye open for their sets for when people are giving them away. nothing wrong with dups and I have a few at this point. can’t stand to see music like that selling for pennies, unless it is to me of course. hahahaha. picked up a Maria Callas 70 cd set recently for about 70 cents per. waited for years to get that one at that price.

    Good to hear you are well. Hope you did not catch a sniffle in the rain. I have a plastic bag covering ready with arm holes if I head out when it is pouring again. recently it has been fairly dry at least at sunset. it is hoody time though. feels so good out. the sunsets have been underwhelming but the weather has been nice.

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    1. Some days are like that aren’t they, poem throughout. The woods smell fresh and ready for something new.

      You scored on the music! I listen to music on pandora often. Yesterday at my dads request I created a new station, the three tenors. It’s wonderful and I suspect I will listen often.

      I did escape the sniffles, thank you. And yes, time for hoodies. The best part for me is a built in pocket for phone!

      Have a beautiful day ebyanyi 😊 as always thank you for the thoughtful comments 😊


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