Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

Only Moments to spare,

The spiced scent of cinnamon

Drifts through the air.

The warmth of the oven

Brings the kitchen to life,

Promising goodies

Sure to delight.

Kettle gives a whistle

Saying tea’s ready too.

A bounty of treats

St Nick tucks in your shoe.

Ever so merry

Cheeks red as a cherry.

Kindness and tenderness

Never shall hide.

Hearts ribboned with love,

Sweet gifts from inside.

13 thoughts on “Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

  1. oh my, that looks scrumptious. and you are a tea lover. have we talked about tea?

    i have boxes of tea in the pantry that i get at the Chinese grocery store. Mainly they are different kinds of oolong. there are also a couple of boxes of white tea. i like them all and rotate them constantly using 1 bag a day in a big pan of water. it only takes one bag to make a couple quarts of tea the way i make it. that lasts all day.

    i think the white tea may be my favorite because when it is next in line that is a treat.

    sometimes i squeeze lemon in a big glass of it too. it is good either way though. oolong and white tea is awesome. a nickel for enough tasty beverage to last all day. it is supposed to have benefits too besides just saving money.

    tea for me too. your cake looks wonderful. i can taste the cinnamon crevices, and is that pecans on top?

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    1. I don’t think we have talked about tea. I love tea as well! Thank you on the cake. Pecans and brown sugar and cinnamon on top and sour cream in the batter for that extra something. Add a cup of tea…and I’m set!

      It’s good to hear from you. The sunsets were really stunning last week weren’t they?! Thank you for your kind comments. 😊


      1. the ones a week ago were over the top. this week has been more overcast so far. the weather has cooled too. it feels good as long as i am bundled up for it. the breathing is more enjoyable when the air is cool. it feels like you are doing something good for yourself. i made it to a couple nice sunrises too.

        hope everyone is well.

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      2. Yes, they really were. I’m happy for the chill in the air and will gladly bundle. It’s wonderful and worth it to be out there.

        Thank you, hope all are well with you 😊❤️


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