Dear Santa,

I love a letter that begins with Dear. Don’t you? Right there at the start you know this will be different. I cherish you – it says. You are in my thoughts…not just at Christmas… but, always.

We are waiting for a cold front here. It should arrive in a few hours. One prediction even calls for snowflakes on Christmas. Oh! how lovely it would be to have an honest to goodness White Christmas!

Rather normal for you, I imagine. For me though, it would be a magical first.

I’m writing this letter to you in the sweet place where I do most of my writing…my kitchen island…home within home.

Some days it is more of a writing desk than a kitchen. Funny how it can be as much a place to be still as to be busy. I love it so. I wonder Santa, do you have such a place. One where you go to be quiet and just think…

A tree is tucked into the corner of the room. It sits cradled between a window with a lovely view of the bird feeder and a bookshelf full of favorites. Its top grazes the ceiling! A tree that’s taller than me please – I always ask. Giggles. It sticks out in places and is far from perfect yet oh so very right… lighting up the whole room with its joyful presence. I’m happy for its sharing and being…just being here with me. It draws me in as much as the candle flame that flickers nearby. One hypnotizes me with dozens of twinkling lights and the other with its dancing flame. Has a sky full of stars come to rest in the confines of my cozy home…

I am lifted and carried beyond roofs and treetops and even outside of myself…upwards to another place altogether…a place where I ride the night sky with you…wind in my hair…cheeks rosy from cold…delivering gifts across the wide wide world.

Your life’s work…giving love to others…

Toys! Each teddy and train, has his own story. They journey to a new home…to warm the heart of a child…to take their place and bring great joy and comfort…thank God for toys…thank God for you…

My tree is like that…like your sack full of toys. Every ornament bears a memory, is the keeper of a moment in time. Branches are full with them, imperfect, ragged, faded. The white felt rocking horse with a few hand sewn sequins still attached…the white rabbit on his sleigh made of candy cane ribbon…the shiny cluster of grapes…the treasured Mexican tin ornaments, hand hammered and colored then carefully wrapped and brought from far away…

they hold the stories of what has been, bring beauty to the now…and leave room for those adventures yet to be told…yet, to be lived. There is always room for one more. What new tales will be added this year…

Cookie Day! A flurry of flour and sugar and sprinkles! My little kitchen springs to life in the name of baking. Baking with love to share. A colorful apron tied just so for the occasion, because after all, we make an awful mess. Christmas carols of all shapes and sizes resound from the rafters with glee, keeping us company. These sweet details are just as important as the icing and sugar crystals that decorate our tiny bites of delight.

The warmth of the oven…the glorious sugary mess…the hum and the buzz…and at the end of the day a farm house table laden with all manner of treats. Then, I will gladly drop into the porch swing to catch my breath, rest my feet and… listen…for the sound of sleigh bells overhead…

No worries… I shall save the very best cookies for You!

I confess that sometimes I grow weary with all of the doing of Christmas. Not enough time to Be. Even when I do manage an outer stillness my mind is racing ahead of me with all that is waiting to be done.

For there is much Joy to share…with those I love…and with many more whom I will never know… Whenever I wonder how I can possibly manage it all, I think of you…

You fill my heart. You give me hope. You show me a country lane that flies through the stars rather than the trees. For you do not Do Christmas. You Live Christmas! In every ordinary common day you smile that warm smile of yours and open your heart to All the children of the world – young and old alike…make no mistake…we are all children…

There are so many lovely things in this life that are sometimes invisible to my eye, though they beat on in my heart. Because of you, I trust them. I believe in them…as I believe in you.

Yesterday morning as I crossed into the field a sweet mist lay as soft as a downy comforter resting gently upon the meadow and reaching into every nook and cranny. Over the grass and in the lowest of the trees…gossamer threads were strung with sparkles of dew. Quite magical…

In the nighttime the faeries had danced. And in so doing their sweet song come to life decorated the meadow with delicate lacy treasures. They are preparing for you too…in their own gentle way. I wonder, will you leave them a gift of faery dust as you fly overhead. Does their glittery offering reflect in the stars and light up the ground…even as my cookies which are arranged just so on the dearest plate…my own gift of love…waiting…waiting only to be received.

It is after all, the tiniest gesture in the most ordinary day that often hides warmly in a heart…a cookie shared… a warm smile… a lovely song…a magical bit of faery floss…a glimpse of a sleigh in a dark night sky…

I have no list to send you this year. I ask for nothing at all for myself. Instead, thank you. thank you for every precious gift ever given to me…

rays of hope as warm as any sun drenched afternoon… echoes of laughter…four paws and a tail dancing with joy at the mere sight of me… brilliant dreams delivered in the silvery moonlight…messages that begin, dear…so many invisible gifts tied with blue satin ribbons that wave in the gentle breeze…each one…

Making love visible in the heart of the world…

May your heart be always filled with lovely invisible gifts… suzanne❤️

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!.

P. S. – Ellie, Jack, Huckleberry, Bo, Sonya and Dobby would be very grateful for a stocking full of bacon treats… >

30 thoughts on “I believe…

  1. Your Christmas looks beautiful. The table of cookies is awesome. i am a sweets addict if there is any around. i try not to keep much sugar in the house since i can’t pace myself well. i do keep some cheap sandwich cookies to satisfy the craving. i started spreading cream cheese or peanut butter on those after separating the halves. that hits the spot.

    i can imagine how good your cookies taste. they really look delightful. i hope everyone is enjoying them.

    that is a great shot of the dogs in the water splashing around. i would think that water was cold. Dogs don’t seem to mind. too happy having a good time to notice i guess.

    i have a lot of work ahead of me. my old car is acting up and needs a couple parts replaced if that even works. i am waiting for the weather to warm up a little before working on that. i hope it warms up before the holidays are over so i have the time. waiting on a tool in the mail too. then back to regular work in January.

    Your Christmas post is lovely. oh for simple times and pleasures that are easy to miss. you describe them well which others can relate to.

    i will get some recent sunset pictures posted some time soon i hope. i was letting the Psalms post stay at the top for awhile. the sunsets have been spectacular though as you mentioned. Yesterday’s Christmas sunrise was beautiful too. it was cold out though. hope you got some flurries.

    Merry Christmas.

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    1. Thank you. I love to bake and to share. And I love cookies! I probably shouldn’t keep them around because I just grab them all day long. Peanut butter on cookies is sooo good. I hate to admit it but sometimes that’s lunch!

      It’s crazy isn’t it. The dogs don’t seem to mind the weather at all. If i say – let’s go, they’re ready.

      There’s never a good time for car trouble. I’ve had my share this autumn. I hope that it warms up and works out well for you.

      I’m hoping to catch up on my reading, writing and Sleep!

      You’re very kind. I’m happy you enjoyed the post. I suppose I was thinking of all that childlike wonder and believing. I love to see their little faces light up at the mere thought of something magical.

      Merry Christmas 😊


      1. i completely relate to your cookie craze. they are so easy to grab and eat and after all one won’t hurt. i say that about 8 times a day. i have myself convinced if there is peanut butter or cream cheese spread on them it is health food.

        here is a good one to try. stir in some cocoa into some peanut butter. that makes it even better. i read cocoa can be good for you. that’s one way of getting some besides candy.

        i know what you mean about childlike wonder. when i was a kid i snuck down early and switched my brother’s present from his pile to mine under the tree, cause i wanted what he asked for. somehow my parents knew it was not my present. can’t blame a kid for trying.

        always good talking with you.

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      2. 8 cookies a day will keep you smiling! I’ve never added cocoa to my peanut butter. I’ll try it. Sounds yummy.

        I love that, switching presents. 😅 I used to beg my mother to let me open just One in the days leading up to Christmas. I know I must have driven her crazy with my asking.

        You too. Take care 😊

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  2. it is freezing out there. i hope you did not go far if at all. i know the how dogs expect their outing. i went to say goodbye to 2017, with layers of cloths and hoodies on. the north wind was strong but the way back was with the wind behind me. the ground was frozen on top which helped some. the lake was moving with the wind and not frozen yet. Not near as bad as the people dealing with snow right now. i’m not complaining.

    Happy new year.

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      1. whoah. you are beyond brave. i bet the dogs enjoyed it though. it has it’s way of making you appreciate that warm house all the more. we are blessed. good to hear you are well and back in the warmth.

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      2. Yes! A warm house is a joy after being out there. The dogs loved it and it wore them out. My fingers got a little too cold yesterday but I was more careful today. Thank you 😊

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      3. i have been doubled up on everything especially gloves. my fingers still got cold when i stood on one spot to take some pictures too long. my hoodies were tied tight around my face. same tonight only with 3 hoodies one with quilted lining. i can’t help myself. somebody stop me. glad you are ok and warmed up.

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  3. Something about “the baby with the bathwater.” I can’t wholeheartedly say “humbug.” Even I believed in Santa until I wondered why his elves would stamp “Tonka” on the same toys I’d begged for at Bi-Mart. Didn’t dispense with Santa Claus till age nine, when he brought me a Panasonic hi-fi stereo. I cried for joy. He had exceeded my expectations, and this was real love from my parents. Thanks and Merry New Year. I am 51yo and thankful to have come this far, alive and better yet, awake!

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    1. I can just imagine elves with a Tonka stamp! 😅. I know what you mean. There are parts of it I could easily dispense with. But, I hope to always keep the magic. Thank you for reading. 😊 Merry New Year to you!

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