Once upon a time…

There was a little boy…Who loved a little girl


He carried her books…

And sang her songs…

All the melodies his heart did carry


Wrinkles formed on his tiny brow…

What if she didn’t…

He worried, somehow


Once upon a time…

There was a little girl…Who loved a little boy


She penned him notes…

Folded tightly in squares…

All the words her heart did carry


She blushed as he opened…

Her thoughts so true…

She worried, whatever might he do


Once upon a time…

There was a little boy…And there was a little girl


Who had no wrinkles…

Who had no worries…

Their only gifts were hearts so true



They walked together…

Hand in hand…

In love forever…


written and photographed by Ellie894, 2018

55 thoughts on “a little boy and a little girl…

      1. BTW, I write on another site as well. It is called In the Raw. What say we give each other these alternate addresses? I just finished a post there re: trust issues in addiction. Title = Cultivating Trust.

        Your poem is nicely written, and not too heavy. I try not to read in too much.

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      1. you too. i slipped and fell in the lake last night. my one boot filled with water. i dumped the water out but that was a cold walk back. i hear more cold is coming.

        saw another bobcat. this one was smaller and grayer and absolutely beautiful. she stood in the weeds watching me as i was approaching. i didn’t know it was a bobcat till she was less than 20 feet away. she wandered off slowly as i tried to take same pics that did not come out well. what a beauty. wish i could have gotten a good pic of her face.

        have a wonderful week too. bundle up.

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      2. Oh! I’m so sorry. That does sound cold. I hope it wasn’t too far back.

        You have good luck with bobcats. She sounds beautiful. Perhaps you’ll see her again soon. Then you’ll have another chance at pictures. I saw an owl this evening just before the rain started. I didn’t think he would ever fly off. But he left about the same time that I did.

        Lots of layers for a few days. Thank you 😊


      3. only the second time i lost my balance in the water. no harm done. i even finished the walk. took a while to thaw out once back though.

        I will keep an eye out for that bobcat now. she may have been watching me often. that is the first i noticed her. she didn’t seem scared at all but did take off when i started walking directly towards her. o well, maybe next time.

        i guess your owl was watching you from a tree. they seem to get used to you after a while. it was cold out there tonight. no rain here yet but a strong north wind was blowing. good to be back inside.

        layers work well. double hoodies seems as good as a coat. a coat over double hoodies is even better on those bitter days. i am sure the dogs enjoy the walk, cold out or not.

        Always good to be back inside. bye for now.

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