The sun blazes farewell as it sets in the autumn sky taking the light of day along to another place whose time has come. Strong silhouettes rule this moment where one thing slowly becomes another.

Lily checks her reflection in the glass once more. The long calico dress is simple but it is the best she has. Her chestnut hair falls soft about her shoulders pulled back with the only satin ribbon she owns…blue

Butterflies carry her down the stairs in a fluttering what if…

It is a time before neon lights hide the beauty of the night. Vast countryside is softly bathed in shadow. A half moon curls up as sentinel in an ebony sky.

Music and laughter call out in welcome through the open barn door. The scent of hay mingles with tempting aromas that float above the kettles simmering with hearty fare.

Gingham cloth drapes over and down wooden farmhouse tables laden with the bounty of orchard and fire. Hot cornbread is so golden it just might be worth something.

Pastry has been rolled and filled with the stuff that dreams are made of. A dusting of sugar and time in the oven has them bubbling and sparkling until one can hardly wait.

A few men keep time with their feet as their bows fly fast over the fiddle strings! Sometimes…they slow and soften.

One by one, couples take to the center of the barn. They are timid at first, until the joy of the song fills their hearts. In this place, skirts catch the air and not a single toe will be stepped on…wink

Then, from beyond the hustle and bustle…

the gentleman offers his arm and a warm smile. She accepts both with the raspberry blush of cheek that she knew would come.

No one notices as they make their way past fiddlers and ladies keeping watch over food and even the couples twirling round the dance floor.

…through the open door… into the fresh night air…past the storytellers spinning tales by the fire’s warm glow…

…to the lovely place where moonbeams shine and music can still be heard…

One, two three…step, two three…sweet notes drift in the air above their makeshift dance floor…eyes lost in one another…they waltz…beneath a million stars…

Long after the fiddles stop playing…long after the pies are eaten…long after the world has disappeared…hand in hand…they dance…


Inspired by Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason

written and photographed by Ellie894 February 9, 2018

48 thoughts on “the waltz

  1. What a lovely Story Suzanne. Love it is set in the countryside. The wooden farmhouse tables, the fire, and the dance hightlight its intimate and warm atmosphere, which lays the ground for a romance. Beautiful! Love the details and sequence 😊❀️

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    1. Thank you so much Isabelle. I listened to the song so many times and I could just see it all playing out in my thoughts. Another time and place in a sweet forever moment. Sometimes I fight my words but this was a joy. Thank you for visiting, suzanne 😊❀️

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  2. i did not think i knew the song. so i went to youtube and found this one at the top.

    of course i recognized it right away from the PBS Civil War Documentary which i had watched many years ago when it first came out. so the tune was drilled into my head since they played it in each segment. it is a beautiful melancholy piece.

    here is another twist. i have visited a couple Civil war battlefields a long time ago and loved the way they were kept as they were during the battles as much as possible. Antietam and Gettysburg were the ones i had been to. i had always wanted to visit others but never had opportunity.

    well last week i bought a collection of thousands of old slides that included many of the battlefields. the photographer was excellent prolific. i am just getting started into going through them. o my my. virtual travel through another’s eyes and i got all his slides at a fraction of what his travels cost him. needless to say i am thrilled at such fortune since i will never be able to travel to those places.

    then your post dedicated to Ashokan farewell. Civil war on my mind. i also watched some vids a week ago about the main battles and interviews with Shelby Foote. he has such a smooth southern drawl.

    thought i would share that since it happened. hey, i didn’t plan it. Beautiful sunset too. i watched that one and saw the same awesome colors. it was a vivid one.

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    1. That’s the one! Isn’t it beautiful!

      What a wonderful treasure and all so timely. It’s funny when life is like that isn’t it. I try to pay attention when so many things come together at just the right moment. I’m happy my writing could be some small part of it.

      Yes, an incredible sunset! One of those you just won’t walk away from until it’s completely over. Don’t want to miss the colors even if it means walking home by flashlight. I’m glad you got to see it too?

      It’s nice to hear from you. Have you seen your friend β€œBob” lately?
      Thank you for taking the time to read and for your kind comments. 😊 suzanne


      1. i saw herby and bob last night. and get this. i am still in awe about it.

        the sunset was about over. i was out on the point and saw bob walking the weed/shoreline coming around the lake a couple hundred yards away. he disappeared into the weeds as he came closer. i went looking for him but could not see him.

        by then it was about dark, so i started heading back around the lake to where my bike was parked in herby’s corner.

        As i was getting close i heard some geese come in honking as they landed on the water. it was dark so i could see them clearly at first.

        i was walking along the water tossing some food in for herby’s fish friends. then i saw herby ahead a few feet out doing his pose. so i stopped when i got to him to have a talk. he is such a good listener.

        by then i was out of food and threw the last few pieces in near him.

        as i started to walk along here come the two geese swimming directly toward me not far away. so i stopped. it was too dark to get a pic without a flash and i did not want to scare them.

        so here i am standing with herby off to one side and the geese approaching from the other. i froze.

        the geese came out of the water walking towards me. the bravest one gingerly approached taking a step this way then that and then closer. he walked to within 5 feet of me directly in front and stood there looking at me. i don’t know if he was looking for a handout or what.

        the other one was about 8 feet away standing at the water edge. i talked to them for a few moments and then the closer one started walking back to the water. they both got in and started swimming off. they never went for the food i had thrown in so i don’t know what was on their minds.

        wow. talk about strange happenings. what a treat. next time i will keep some saltines in my bag in case it ever happens again. it never happened before.

        thought you may like that tale. i will post a pic later that i took of them in the dark after they swam off a ways. it was real dark so i don’t know how well it came out. maybe they thought i was safe since i do not scare herby. who knows?

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      2. Wow! That’s so cool. I never get geese where I walk. And of course the dogs keep everything at a distance. What a truly wonderful moment. Saltines is a good idea, just in case. I’m so glad for your adventure. Thank you for sharing it with me. Take care, suzanne

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      3. i added a couple pics to an old post evy1320 since they are not that good. the first one i zoomed in and increased the light a lot so you could see them. the second one is as taken in the dark.

        herby is off to the left and the geese are to the right. they are some huge birds with their heads at least waist high on me. so impressive.

        yes, it was a truly wonderful moment. thank you.

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      4. yes, they are so big i would hesitate about holding a cracker out, not knowing if i would get my whole hand back.

        i will have to do some geese reading to find out how safe it is to buddy up to them. i was not scared at all as they approached me. i was too busy being amazed.

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      5. that sounds like a goose chase. better to run than cook your own goose i guess. but i have never had goose stew so can’t say for sure. nothing like a goose down pillow after a good meal.

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  3. I liked, “the best she has.” I’m wondering what got you meditating on the autumn, besides the authors you cite. Interesting, tho, ‘cos the last piece I read was “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” which is very autumnal. You take care, too. See you around.

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  4. You took me back to a romantic era on Valentines Day, thank you. I love the imagery you created. This Irishwoman is married to the most unromantic Irishman on the planet so romance is often found in poems and novels. Thank you.

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