There are so many things to love…

Unicorns, because what’s not to love about unicorns, I mean, seriously. Have you ever tried not to love a unicorn? I’m pretty sure it can’t be done.

Huckleberry berry who loves cheese and pancakes and…well, just about everything.

Cookies!! All kinds, warm from the oven with a glass of icy milk at anytime of the day! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – cookies are in fact the world’s most perfect food. When things are bad and getting worse…keep a cookie in your purse.

Reading…the feel of a book in my hands, the way words come together, and thoughts meant just for me…

Grinning your way through a box of baby pictures. Such kissable cheeks!

Being awakened at midnight by the aroma of fresh bread baking. It doesn’t happen often but oh, when it does…

Dobby’s sweet attentive eyes, oh, how they melt me…

Kind encouragement at the end of a long day…

Coming through the door and knowing without a doubt that you were missed. Noses and tails don’t keep secrets very well.

Storytime! Shining faces and songs and onomatopoeias! Try saying this five times fast…I dare you…try saying it once. It’ll make you feel better. I promise.

“Squeech squooch! Squeech squooch! The sloppy-gloppy, lily-loppy, slurpy-glurpy swamp!”

Tissues that are softer than soft when you have need of them.

A gentle blanket of white sky, so many clouds that they aren’t even clouds anymore. Then breezes that come and stir them until they are pillow soft clouds once more…what they are meant to be.

1000 shades of green that decorate the spring, more than there are even words to describe! Mother nature’s way of letting your eye rest. No need to decide if you like it or not, if it makes you happy or sad. Just a soft place to land…we all need that sometimes…a soft place to land.

Sipping sweet iced tea out of a clear blue mason jar with a twist of lemon.

Songs that touch your soul and carry you…

Anything and everything that’s fridge-worthy! The outside of the fridge, not the inside…wink. One day perhaps I’ll post about fridge-worthy.

Robin red breast has returned to the yard after a long long absence. I missed him and am happy to see him back again.

Drifting thoughts on a slow porch swing…

Visiting the museum and finding yourself so enchanted that you become quite helpless in the presence of so much beauty…

Once a year flowers that bring such joy and surprise that you will go out of your way for them…

Making a wish upon the first evening star…

Driving miss daisy on a brilliant day, open to the wind, taking the hills and the curves of today’s journey…just today’s.

Watching Bobolicious trying Not to get wet at the lake! I’d rather not, thank you. I don’t understand why y’all have to go and get all messy like. Ugh.

When your imagination flies free, taking you to a tiny white cottage on the top of a hill where absolutely anything can be…

Sleeping Beauty, sigh…I can still hear Mary Martin sing “Once Upon a Dream”… and I still begin to dance when I do…

My own dear woods of course, and wandering beneath their cathedral of trees.

I love… kindness, and meeting life with passion and a gentle nature and giggles and all sorts of things that won’t all fit in this one space…

within, behind, over, under and hugging them all is love. That’s what I love most of all…love…

won’t you tell me all the things that you love…



ellie894 March 22,2018

storybook quote from Looking for a Moose by Phyllis Root

83 thoughts on “Unicorns and Midnight Bread

  1. sipping tea from a mason jar. that is how i started. i have switched to a big pickle jar so i do not have to fill it up as often. i still use the mason jars some, the ones picante sauce came in.

    it is a beautiful post and the best part is you are doing those things. the dogs are so happy. the pictures are all fabulous. you are living a dream maybe because you choose to.

    the fridge is interesting. synchronicity struck me. i imagine you talk to the animals you encounter on your walks. i try to talk their language with whistles or squawks or whatever imitates the sounds they make. something to do out of the blue when wandering.

    i see spring has arrived for you in force. flower power. the neighborhood trees are in flowers and getting green here. the fields have not greened up much yet but i am seeing more signs. should be any day now.

    i cannot get over your pines. when i see trees like that, well actually i never see trees like that. when i see them in your pictures i imagine. deep breath. even the moss and ferns growing out of their trunks is incredible to me. life everywhere.

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    1. Mason jars are great, aren’t they? I use the pint size.

      Oh goodness, the fridge is full of all sorts of odds and ends. Isn’t it funny how things end up there. Every once in awhile I take it all down and clean it well so as to start over again from scratch. Some favorites always go back up though.

      Yes, spring came quickly as it always does. I’m amazed at how one day the branches are bare and the next you can’t see through to the sky. The pollen was fierce this year! And not done yet.

      I grew up in a place that had pines. Some people are afraid of them because of their height and will cut them down. That makes me rather sad but I can’t possibly take care of all the trees.

      Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful comments. Have a great week 😊

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      1. no, not on WP. it’s uncanny the synchronicity i get reading your posts sometimes. like the mason jar tea. i thought i started that. one reason was to cap it when driving. i don’t drive much anymore but i still drink tea from a mason jar and try to keep lemons on the counter ready to go if i feel like squeezing.

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      2. Oh, I getcha 😊. It’s something isn’t it how things can come round that way. You see or hear or read something and it’s like someone knew just the thing. A smiling kind of moment 😊

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  2. You’re right Suzanne, there’re so many things to love…if only we slow our pace and pay attention to the surroundings. It’s such a gentle reminder of those small beautiful things which might go unnoticed otherwise. I love pretty the same things that you do. Reading is my retreat, so is music. But I love more than books and music, I love woods, wildflowers, old trees and lakes. I love the feeling of running alone the coast, embraced by the sun, the wind and the sound of waves. I love the smell of the sea when going for a walk in the darkness. I have a few fridge-worthy things too and I’d love to read your post about fridge-worthy. And I love this post, wholeheartedly. Thank you. Take care Suzanne 😊❤️

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    1. Always nice to hear from you Isabelle. Thank you for sharing some of what you love. Your way of describing them is peaceful and easing. The ocean is wonderful isn’t it. I don’t get there as often as I’d like. I’m rather tickled at what sometimes ends up on the fridge, mostly things that make me smile for one reason or another. 😊 and there they stay. Maybe one day you’ll write about your own fridge-worthy. It’s a term my daughter and I use as a compliment. If it’s fridge-worthy, it’s pretty great. Thank you Isabelle. Take care 😊❤️

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      1. I don’t get to the ocean as often as I’d like either Suzanne, but there’s a lake not far from my home, in the woods. In the summer months I usually have a run by the lake. A very liberating feeling. I don’t have many fridge-worthy yet, will collect more. Such a lovely term, fridge-worthy. Forgot to mention the cute dogs, their gentle eyes have melted my heart. Have a great week Suzanne 😊❤️

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  3. here is one. doing laundry. it has to be my way though or i don’t enjoy it. i save the rinse water between loads to use as the wash water in the next load. my water bill is as low as it can be.

    i hang them to dry and don’t like dryers. you can smell the fresh laundry while they are drying. i like the way air dried cloths feel and with my flannel fetish there is never need for softening. fresh laundry is the best.

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      1. i remember reading you were hanging laundry one day. i have done it that way forever too. i can’t stand blowing hot air out a dryer vent.

        i remember when i lived somewhere with cold winters the cloths would freeze on the line. it would take an extra day or 2 to dry if the day warmed up. now i hang them indoors on a cloths rack. i think i finally perfected my method. well at least for me.

        to each their own but i do enjoy doing laundry and it costs practically nothing the old fashioned way and the results are worth it.

        Thank you for the talks.

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      2. a leisurely bike ride on quiet streets with no where to be. one where you coast on the downhills and only pedal as much as you have to on the inclines to get up the hill.

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      3. spaghetti with tomato sauce. it may not be up there with cookies and doesn’t do well in a purse, but it is right up there with the most satisfying treats.

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      4. chicken noodle soup. when nothing else sounds good or is too hard to make thank heavens for chicken noodle soup from a can and heated to warm up the day. a home is not complete without some cns in the cupboard.

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      5. sorry. don’t mean to dominate your comments and would be very interested in what others would share. just a few of my favorites for what it’s worth. i liked your question.

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      6. since you mentioned your grandmother teaching you it reminded me of mine and memories came flooding back like it was yesteryear. i have to tell a tale though to get there. it explains a lot though.

        when i was a baby i had a blue flannel blanket that was with me all the time. it was my favorite thing in the world. when i was a toddler they decided i was too big for that snuck it away one night and probably burned it or something. well i am sure i pitched a fit like no one ever saw. i may have not recovered yet. i could not sleep without that thing.

        my grandmother worked at a department store and did not make much money. every year for Christmas she would buy me and my brother a flannel shirt. i looked forward to that gift every year. anyone who knows flannel knows that a flannel shirt is the next best thing to a blanket.

        ever since then i have worn flannel except when i was required to wear something else during work. i even wore dress flannel to work when i could get away with it. some bosses are such sticklers though and recognize flannel in disguise when they see it.

        well my grandmother has gone on to the flannel palaces in the sky but i think of and honor her and my brother all the time by wearing flannel. not to mention i like how it feels. i only have a few pictures of my brother and he was wearing flannel in them too. so we never outgrew it.

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      7. I’m sorry they took away your blanket. But then it gave way to such nice memories of your brother and grandmother. Isn’t it something how we do things for reasons that stick with us through our life. Thank you so much for sharing. 🌷

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      8. my mother is the one who taught me to hang laundry. i have vivid memories of sunny summer days while she was outside hanging the cloths. now that i think about it she saved rinse water and reused it too. since it was well water there was not an abundance of it so each gallon counted.

        it’s amazing how things you do are passed down to you and you don’t even realize why till you think about it.

        Thank you so much Susanne for bringing these lovely memories back to me with your heart warming posts.

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      9. You’re right and there are so many things we don’t take the time to think about. It’s very touching to me if my writing has done that for you. Thank you for letting me know and for you kind comments. Take care 😊


  4. My friend, this is a lovely post. I’m just looking for a soft place to land, a space to breathe. Nature is the best therapy. Won’t you take my spirits with you the next time you wander into the woods? Because I’m so tired of the modern monstrosity.

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  5. I couldn’t even say the 4th word once never mind repeat all 5 times fast😛 great post ellie894😎 amazing writing as usual. Have a great week!

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  6. I enjoyed your sensuousness, both in reality and in imagination. Made me think a bit of Sara Teasdale’s “Barter:” “And for a breath of ecstasy / Give all you have been, or could be.” My PC is sluggish today, else I would paste her whole poem here. Hoping you have a great day 🙂

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      1. The things we recall from high school. I like poetry now more than I did back then. I do remember we had to memorize and recite a poem and my friend chose Annabel Lee. I can still hear her voice in that sing song way she had. I remember her poem better than my own. 🙃. Thank you!

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