I search your horizon…

I search your horizon

For where to begin

Meadow to forest to sky

My thoughts are no longer

Mine alone…

And I no longer ask why

They are tied and tangled with you

I am quite helpless

And breathless

Not certain what I can do…

Only write them

One lovely word at a time

Working slowly

At the knot

Unable to see

Where I leave off

Where you pick up

Is this word for you

Or from me

How often my heart

Bends to the breeze

A whisper of silken thread

Woven amidst

your satin sky

A pillow to adorn

Our dreamy bed

I write and write

With gentle hand

As the clock ticks away

Across timeless land

First my word

Then yours

There’s never any use

As the sun crashes

Into the ocean of night

We are still tangled

You and me

My heart gives a tender sigh

After all…

It’s the way true love

Is meant to be…


ellie894 April 2018