There is a quiet little girl named for the spring

Her hugs are as soft as any lamb

When I first met her she had no voice

No earthly way to sing

The device was taped snugly at her throat

She sat quietly in the back of the room with a sleepy look in her eye

I haven’t any idea of what happened to her or why

Week after week she watched intently

Following me with her fingers dancing in the air

Then came a day when the trach was gone

A bandaid took its place

Healing, I thought gently, a sweet moment of grace

Next even that had disappeared and with it, tender skin replaced!

A different shade from all the rest to signify that it was so very new

Such a smile it brought and later tears when with my silly reading I was through

And now…

This week she sat crisscrossed up front

She rhymed and giggled right out loud

She even exclaimed for unicorns!

With our steamy teapot she took a hearty bow

And sing? Oh my, how she sings!

As bright as the sun

As swift as the cloud

Her voice is no longer hers alone

But a lovely gift she shares

In fact,

She has so very much to say

She nearly got in trouble


But not quite on this treasured perfect day…


ellie894 June 2018


Some days,

life is not at all what I thought it would be

Some days,

it is so very much more than I could ever have imagined

All my quiet heart can do

Is to take this one day

That lays sweetly before me

And gently cover it with love


That somehow

It will be a touch more beautiful

For someone



ellie894 June 2018