I was awake for a long while in the night, traveling my thoughts…

When I finally fell into sleep I found myself nearly a part of the sky. I swayed with the motion of the air, a vast ocean waiting so very far below to catch me if I should tumble…and rock me amongst the cresting waves…

So it is that I am tired and a little lost in the cool woods this morning. They wrap around me gently, rather like a long hoped for embrace…a well worn path, the sandy spots full of ant lion funnels, and the alcove where the creek begins to form the lake from a spring that truly never ends…

It took me three rounds before Jack and Bo would settle enough to sit and wonder at lakeside. It is cooler than it should be for the first of August in Texas! I will just be grateful. Very grateful… There are at least two more months of heat ahead.

I am ever so sad when the words don’t come…when they float just out of reach so that I cannot quite gather them…or they hide altogether, crushed under last year’s leaves.

The birds are not singing. Perhaps they are as parched and quiet as I am. The flowers have disappeared as the dry days follow one upon another. August has arrived to simmer and stew all once more, in the laziness of iced tea and long lemonade days spent in the shady rhythm of a back porch swing.

I lift my eyes to the shelter of the pines and beyond them to the blue that begs to be explored. Softness cradles my heart. I love the way morning sun catches in a spider’s web making it glisten with the magic of a day yet to be lived and a night left behind in shadow.

Later it may all give way to a whispered breeze that breaks the silence of a hot afternoon. The ice gladly melts, leaving trails of abandoned moisture to race upon the clear cold glass.

And so, my thoughts turn to tales as they so often do…there is something special about August reading though…to abandon oneself to a story well told, captivating in every detail. When the cicadas hum and buzz in sleepy cadence and the birds cannot bring themselves to share… I want to listen… I want to still my heart and soul… I want to read…to get lost in reading…

I revel in precious books I’ve held a thousand times! Their worded treasure has become a part of me. And yet, the adventure of the new beckons me forth to the cliff’s edge…let go of the jagged rocks he calls! Take to the sky she echoes… take to the sky… and discover your wings…

And, what of love you ask…where does it reside in the dog days of summer…where it will I suppose…as love always finds a way…just as the light catches in the simplest of places to give the promise of something more…so too does love…to sweeten the lemonade and frost the glass…and just when you think you can’t take another sweltering moment…

the breeze stirs from across the water and within your heart…sending ripples of hope right through to the edges of you…where day dawns and night falls and you sail into the horizon of your sweetest dreams…come true…


ellie894 August 1, 2018

38 thoughts on “long lemonade days…

  1. Very happy to find this post from you. Lovely photos to go along with your amazing words. This was beautifully written. It was wonderful reading your thoughts ad listening to your heart. A soulful write. A very different write from what I have read from you. Loved every line.
    Hope all is well. Wishing you and yours the best.

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m never quite sure if thoughts such as these translate well from meandering to writing or flow the way they feel to me. It’s nice to know they settle well. Thank you again for your kindness. Take care, suzanne 🌷

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      1. At times it felt dreamy. A little melancholy. You set a serene mood. I have been thinking about trying to post something like this. It was a pleasure to read. Actually since you’re posting so little, it was WONDERFUL to read. LOL Have a gorgeous day Suzanne.

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      2. And that’s just the way it felt in writing it. You should absolutely give it a try! I’m certain it would turn out well. Your readers would love it. You have made me smile 😊. Thank you for that and for such lovely wishes. I will most certainly try! To you, a slow afternoon and an icy drink of choice ☀️

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    1. Vermont sounds lovely and peaceful. Thank you for sharing it with me. Oh! spiderwebs filled with the sunshine stop me every time 😊. I’m so happy you liked it. Thank you, suzanne 🌷 Happy doggy dog days to you!

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    1. 😂 Maxwell, the AJF and you are going to need lots and lots of cold lemonade…or perhaps something stronger 😂, and AC! Go inside and turn on the AC! Thanks for sharing and stay cool. 😊


  2. I love this; it seems that the words did come. I think I’ve been to all those places, in the pictures and the lines, before. It was a beautiful morning in Texas–64 here.

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    1. Oh! Brilliant right?! It was 69 here. Some of the places are slow paced and so easing, aren’t they. I’m glad you’ve known them. The words that find me in quiet moments are a nice surprise. I wasn’t sure if these would work well for sharing. I’m really happy you found something to enjoy. Thank you for such kind thoughts. ☀️

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  3. Summer is really not my season, I can’t stand the heat and humidity but you write with such love and gentleness, it’s a like a cool refreshing breeze. And of course, a glass of ice cold lemonade or more helps 🙂 ❤

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    1. One of my favorite things about summer is that it gives way to autumn!! One of my grandmothers always had iced tea in the fridge. The other always had lemonade in the summer. I will think of you today as I take a break on the swing. Thank you for your kindness Lin. 😊❤️

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  4. It was lovely to follow the flow of your thoughts Suzanne. Gentle and intense. It was lovely to observe and feel the change of mood throughout the poem, melancholy, desire and hope.
    As I was following your path, I saw the beautiful lake and the sweet dogs. As I was following your path, I tasted ice tea and lemonade, and felt the light breeze.
    I have lost the words. Never mind. Let me indulge myself in the dream, as long as it lasts. ❤️

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  5. This made me think first of Thoreau, but on second thought, more like Wordsworth… with the difference that you’re a woman and think a woman’s thoughts. Wordsworth actually had many precedents in literature, arcing back as far even as Petrarch during the Italian Renaissance. He had an infatuation for “Laura” in his sonnet (mostly) series _The Canzoniere_. He would sneak a peek of her in the town life, and then, his eyes and heart full, would pine and pout off into the woods and do his poetry… So I wonder what a woman Petrarch would be like? Could it be like you?

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    1. Petrarch and Laura sounds a lot like Dante and Beatrice doesn’t it. I do like Thoreau and his seemingly quiet solitude but I do prefer Wordsworth’s use of language. Thank you for such thoughtful read and comment. 🌷

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      1. Wordsworth’s diction is softer and sweeter than the chunkier, more technical Thoreau. W is more humanly interested than T. I didn’t find _Walden_ all that interesting because more removed from human feeling. BTW I highly recommend Goethe’s _The Sorrows of Young Werther_, a short novel of only ~120pp that should take you only a day or night. Also, Rousseau’s _Confessions_, particularly his solitudes with nature. G and R predate W by ~30 years. You can see how Romanticism diffused from continental Europe to the UK and then, in another 40 years, roughly, the US… All the above only should you wish to trace a tradition to its classical roots. Take care :flower:

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