Have you ever noticed how the loveliest things have no real beginning

Or at least not one that you recall

It’s as though they always were…

And never were not…

Once upon a forever fireflies sparkled in a dear night sky

Even now I can see them dancing before us

Tiny stars, you told me

They left the heavens to embrace we two

In a playful magic rarely known

And so we find ourselves here again

Hand in hand at the dusk of a long long day…

Are you hungry, you ask

I only smile in return

You know why

You always know why

Me too, with a wink and a whisper you softly reply

The offer of your strong and gentle arm

And off we go in search of our enchanting corner

Almost as cozy and warming

As your touch upon my skin

I like it best when the space is nearly empty

With only a candle between us

We have it all to ourselves

Inviting soft exchanges

And lingering gazes…

Let us then venture from our blazing hearth

Closing the door in sweet knowing

That soon enough we shall return…

For now we journey outward

Pausing…where no one else in the whole wide world would notice

I love this place

Soft graffiti swirls tangle in brilliant confusion

I tighten my hand in yours

You know why

You always know why

Hidden among the cherry reds and the lime greens

Of an artist’s dream gone wild

Our own initials are tucked safely in an inky heart

I like to reach my fingers out to them as we pass

Recalling another firefly moment

When in silly tenderness

I bade you stop and turn around

Don’t peek, I teased

You knew why

You always know why

I could feel you smiling behind me

As I carved us forever into being

Then you held me close to your heart and

Loved me for it

I like that part best of all…

And so this eve under a soon to be firefly sky

As we slowly make our way

I tighten my hand in yours

Asking, may we pause

You know why

I love the way you always know why…


ellie894 December 8, 2018

52 thoughts on “you always know why

      1. Thank you! It was kind of plain, but faithful to what I read and notated. I actually liked Walter Pater’s version, found in _Marius the Epicurean_, better. Have to dig that out again.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I was very touched by your writing when I came upon your site. Thank you for such kind words and for the follow. My site is named ellie for my sweet labrador. Please feel free to call me suzanne if you like. Take care 🌷

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They are really beautuful. We have always had collues. We named her Hope. Ecayse we git her when I went into remission from serioys advanced cancer – a sign if new life and hope. She is very alive!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh…her name is just perfect. How beautiful that you have her. How beautiful that she came to you in such a moment of remission. Our furry friends are so good at comfort and joy!


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