Tell the Story… eternally I pace the darkness…

Tell the Story –

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip has tagged me to follow up in this challenge of “Tell the Story’ which was created by The Eclectic Contrarian .

Above is his image for Tell The story.


I am weary of being misunderstood in the twilight world of men who claim to know.

They only see what they have a mind to see.


Eternally I pace the darkness

Rumbling about my cave in thunderous tones

That you, oh lost one, mistake for signs of danger

But, it is to my own dear love that I cry out.

Her silence fills my nights with fireflies

She alone sees beyond my masked and stone facade

…to find the gentleness of who I truly am.


Before I tell you the tale of her, I humbly ask, what do you see?

Do you see a mountain…that you will not climb, as you believe me to be the unmarked path leading to the cliff that will drop you to your failing…

Do you see waters of the deep…fearing I will take your life…your very breath is at stake…you choose instead to float helplessly on the surface, gasping for air…

Do you see a desert…closing tight your eyes against the biting winds heavy with my stinging sands…and leave me parched and alone…you haven’t the stillness to weather my life giving vision…

Do you see a rock…casting me as the stoic boulder on a dreary forest floor…only a hurdle that blocks your way and nothing more. Once you paused to look a second time imagining that you heard my beastly growl. You turned and fled all the faster…

Do you see a burning sun…and feel me in the scorching rays…too hot to touch….You run far, until you come to the land of cold shadows and bundle yourself in ill begotten furs…never trusting that I could thaw your frozen heart…

Do you see darkness…quaking in the unknowable abyss of nightmares and time gone wordlessly by…drifting and forgotten…neither clouds nor moon…only an emptiness of nothing…


Is there any place at all where I reside that you can understand?

When you look upon me

Wherever I may be

You only see the reflection

Of your own fear and longing.

That is not

And never will be



There is One who knows me.

Her heart is strong.

She listens and searches for the truth of me.

So, to her…

I am the softest mist that whispers to her soul on a hopeful mountaintop…there she is free to touch the sky as she waits in peaceful rest.

I am the swirling currents of the ocean tide rich with life and iridescent beauty. In passion I bear her to the depths of ecstasy fulfilled.

I am the river song with no beginning embracing soft her luscious land, an ever giving oasis, the growing mystery of the sands.

I am the lover that stands resolute beside her in the magic of the faery wood. The growl that you thought you heard…that was only my laughter as her breath tickled soft my ear.

I am the warmth upon her face on a cold and bitter day. She turns to me in a graceful arch believing spring is on its tender way.

I am the shooting star that holds her hand as we dance across a midnight sky…lighting up her darkness…never do we ask how or why…

I am the sweetest dream that kisses her to brilliant life in a moonlit voyage of once upon a time.


And now…

Do you see me for what I am…

Or are you still wrapped tight in fear of what you cannot understand…

It’s alright…

She holds my soul and it is enough.


Her love is the very strength of me

And I am the gentle beast of her trusting heart

We echo in forever dreams

Sailing celestial waves never more to part


I know all of these treasures because she tells me so…because she sees me so.

And now, if you’ll excuse me…I’m off to all the wheres that we will go…


ellie894 February 4, 2019

My warm thanks to Rory for a grand and friendly blog site, the kind tag and his strong and wonderful image!

Below is my gift of an image to All of you. I invite anyone who is so inspired to use it to tell a tale!