I have come to learn that I am doomed to be eternally five years old. Doomed, in the best possible way. It’s all about the questions. I’m sure you’ve noticed that about me by now. I start with them. I end on them. I throw a few in the middle for good measure. It’s not that I work at them. It’s just…there I am and there they are and what am I to do with that?

Now where is that exactly? And how often do you go there? See what I mean?

Also, I write as I walk. At least sometimes, I do. A question, a thought, a string of words arrives like leaves drifting to the ground in autumn. I pause in silence to consider them as they come to land. Oh yes indeed, that one is quite lovely. I’ll save it for later. This very writing that you’re reading began on a wooded walk peppered with questions.

This duck. The one that huddles next to the pier day after day. What kind is it meant to be? Is it male or female? I mean, would it be male or female if it was real? Why do the other ducks, the real ones, avoid it so? It seems friendly enough to me. Is there something about the plastic that upsets them? And is it lonely? Or is it happy to have the simplicity and beauty of the pond all to itself?

Someone will certainly know the answer to at least one of those. Then there will be one less question for me to fret over. That leaves 999 to go…

When the beaver slaps his tail upon the water, is he saying hello to me or rather a very firm goodbye? And why did he move from the south side of the pond to the north side over the winter? Are real estate values better over there?

Trees that bloom too early, long before they should….are they smarter than the other trees after all and get to bloom twice?

Today is less than freezing and yet the birds are twittering, while yesterday they were silent. Does singing keep them warm or are they chittering about the frigid temperatures? It’s positively icy over here Mabel! Well, put on a sweater Marjorie.

Why are violets so tiny? And why are they blooming right now? Don’t they know it’s colder than cold?

Tights vs leggings vs yoga pants? Oh, yes. I’m going there. Which ones do you love and why? And what’s the difference really? Don’t be fooled by outward appearances. There is a difference. I do know this one…sort of…maybe…

Tights are…tight. Who knew? They’re thin and enclose your feet. You wear them to warm your legs under a dress. Theoretically. Wait, tights are Not warm and they’re miserable to wear! Miserable, I tell you. Am I right ladies?! I honestly don’t see the point of them. If anyone ever invents tights that do their job, I’m all in. Until then…no thank you. Plus, they often try to strangle you. Fun fact, as soon as I was of an age to choose my own clothes without my mother’s input…I gave up tights. Done and done.

Then there are leggings. They are also tight but…don’t have feet. Ah! Ok then. No feet. Gotcha. They are absolutely no warmer than tights on a cold day. However, some indeterminate someone wants you to believe they are. That someone is seriously misguided. Leggings are not warmer. Plus your socks don’t fit right and bump into the offending leg wear in weird ways. And if that’s not bad enough, leggings sag in a “tights” like way that makes you want to…well, I’ll leave that note off for now. Let’s just say they’re as ugh as tights.

Onwards and upwards to yoga pants! I’m really not sure what to say here. Guess what…they’re tight! Who knew? Oddly enough yoga pants are in fact comfortable…unless it’s above 75 degrees. Then, they’re hot! Hot! Like Texas in August Hot! Carolina Reaper Hot! If you see anyone wearing yoga pants on a day that’s above 75 degrees I guarantee you they are moving quickly from an air conditioned building to an air conditioned vehicle. Or they are seriously cold natured. I will award yoga pants a gold star in this way though…they actually fit. It’s brilliant! Brilliant I tell you! By the sheer numbers one sees of them…everywhere…I now have a new question. Is almost every woman aspiring to be a yoga instructor? Or are they seeking the comfort that neither tights nor leggings offer?

So to sum up, all three versions are tight. Some fit. Some…don’t. If you put feet on leggings they could be tights. If you cut the feet off of tights they could be leggings. I think yoga pants would lose their value if you added feet. That would just be strange. Which brings me back to my original question, tights vs leggings vs yoga pants? What’s up with that?

Nursing homes are supposed to be sad places. Why do we think so? Why do we declare nursing homes to be sad while grocery stores and shopping malls are deemed happy?

When I go to a place focused on “stuff” the people don’t seem very happy to me. Just an observation. They’re grumpy and children are often crying. Or maybe that’s me crying because I want to go home. The children probably want the same thing that I do while their parents are devastated that they missed out on some important “stuff”. There’s someone over there looking at the stuff I’m looking at. What if they get it first?! I won’t have the stuff I think I need! That’s when panic sets in and there’s a mad dash to acquire the very important stuff. You know…like the last set of yoga pants on the planet. Going out of business folks. There will be no more yoga pants…in the history of…like…ever. Speaking of ever, how long is that anyway?

Shopping questions are easy for me. Do I really need that? Do I have to go shopping? Can I go home now? Do you hear that five year old talking again?

But when I walk through a nursing home the questions loom large over me. Why is there suffering? Why is there so much pain in the world? Whatever can I do to ease…anything for anyone…in any way…ever? What can I do?

I wander through the doors with my heart open and my eyes too, and discover there are a few quiet answers as close as my next breath. These busy spaces are filled to the brim with gentle souls always ready to offer the lovely gift of a smile. They always have time for a warm greeting. Their stories are always divine and as varied as the books on a library shelf! They will most certainly make you laugh. Sometimes they will make you cry. In truth we need very little in this world…but we need that little so very much…

Which brings me of course to…cookies! A writing about 5 year old me and questions would never be complete without a cookie section. Am I right? Who loves them? Hint…me. Who doesn’t love them? Hint…not me. Can I eat too many in a day? Are they good for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Should one slather them in peanut butter? Should one dunk them in milk or hot tea? Are chocolate chip better than oatmeal? If one adds chocolate chips to oatmeal, is it then a chocolate chip cookie or an oatmeal cookie? Some might declare it to be an oatmeal chocolate chip at that point. Valid argument but now we’re getting into tricky territory, the very nature of a cookie and its ingredients. Philosophy at its utmost! If one adds icing or frosting or glaze does it lose its cookieness? And my two personal favorites –

Are cookies the world’s most perfect food?

Do cookies make everything better?

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you already know my answers to the last two. Smiles and winks.

Are there more questions than I have answers for? Will I ever stop asking? Would I even want to? What about you? Are you eternally five years old? And do you question too?

Welcome to my world. Come rest with me for a while. We shall have cookies and tea and ask questions…together…and won’t that be delightful?


ellie894 March 11, 2019

P. S. Dog questions are a volume all their own and will be saved for another place and time…

80 thoughts on “cookies, real estate values on the north side and yoga pants…

    1. So very happy to hear I could make you smile, Bill.

      Thank you for sharing such kind thoughts with me. It touches me to know so…

      Thank you dearly my friend 🌷


  1. Your discussion of tights vs. leggings vs. yoga pants was illuminating for me, as they all fall into the realm of things men don’t know but are afraid to ask about. Society generally frowns upon the wearing of tight pants by men, so we end up in running pants or “fitness” pants or “workout” pants, which are basically yoga pants (I think) with less Spandex, which makes them socially acceptable (sort of).

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    1. Brad, you totally gave me a giggle! I probably could have gone on even more. For instance not one of them has useful pockets! Ugh. As though women don’t need pockets? Thank you for the enlightenment you likewise offer in the realm of men’s versions of fitness pants! Who knows how societal norms and acceptance levels will change in decades to come? A whole new fabric may be created that changes everything. Have a stupendous evening 🌷🌙

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    2. Some male honesty here. Back when I was a yoof with barely a penny to my name I worked on the back of frozen food trucks. It was an unspoken rule that men could wear tights under their trousers. Lord above, doing deliveries off the back of a -40-degree truck, through British winter rain all day, led to a heck of a lot of colds otherwise, haha!

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      1. Your male honesty is quite brilliant and gives me a “warm” giggle. I’m most happy to hear that tights have such a lifesaving use. 😂. Also you’re quite brave to share! Do take care and stay warm out there Peter. ☀️

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  2. I loved this post!!!!!!!! It made me start questioning a variety of things around me. I may just put those in a blog, too. I’m a cat person, so copy catting is cool. (not really, but sometimes it is!)
    I’m going to miss ducks this year. The lake in Alaska is often full of babies. By May, when I go back, the ice will be gone and many of those ducklings will have become dinner. I do know what that plastic duck is. (by the by, plastic ducks are great fun. You can put them in tiny ponds and they don’t make a mess! I like itty bitty yellow ones best) It is a male American Wigeon…But, there are different kinds.
    Cookies are my downfall. I make a scrumptious one I will need to stop baking soon because I tend to eat them and that is bad for blood sugars!
    As for leggings…I like them because they are cheap and wear out and I don’t feel bad for the cost like I do when I wear out jeans in the thighs. I think they are warm, but mostly cuz I often wear shorts or skirts bare legged! The fleece ones are handy for wearing on cool summer nights because the mosquitoes need to work harder to get to the skin! I don’t own any yoga pants. Yet…

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    1. Thank you soooooo much Kris!!! I’m super happy you liked it. Write it up and post it Do it! Cats are cool and I would love to read it. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one running around with constant questions.

      A lake full of baby ducks! Now that’s magical. I had babies where I walk once and got to enjoy them for a while before they moved on. They were so sweet, just like in Make Way for Ducklings. I’m sorry that you’ll miss them this year. Thank you for the help with my decoy friend! For a while I just noticed him there and never thought much about him. Then I realized he must Be something, I wonder what. I wonder if that means Wigeons visit this pond. The thought of tiny yellow plastic babies makes me happy. I think I shall look for some to keep him company. I didn’t know you could even get little ones.

      A scrumptious cookie?! Have you shared the recipe on your site? If you have would you consider leaving a link? I’d love to try it. It must be incredibly hard to love cookies and try to keep your blood sugar just so.

      Thank you! A grand new insight into leggings. Some fit better than others don’t they? I’ve heard of fleece leggings but haven’t tried them. They sound like cozy sleepwear 😊. And anything to keep mosquitoes away gets a gold star 🌟 Leggings are just a touch thinner than yoga pants and have less spandex don’t they? Sometimes even in cotton which is far cooler, right?

      Thanks Kris for the really fun comment!! Take care, suzanne ❤️

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    1. Yes!! It’s like there’s only one mystery size…too small for anyone. 🙃 I ask myself – were these marked wrong because there’s no way…? Cookies are far better than tights and they make me happy. 😊. Do you have a favorite cookie or a favorite time to eat them?

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  3. Sometimes I dress up my questions such as I hope you had a good day, I hope you sleep well tonight, I wish you a good day tomorrow, I hope the sun will light up your path, I hope the flowers will bloom, I hope you find the right fit, I hope you spend some time doing the things you love, I hope you be home soon, I hope you eat and bake more cookies. And then I’ll ask a question for example, may I have a chocolate oatmeal cookie please?🍪🐶💕❓

    Liked by 5 people

    1. You ask such lovely questions that ease my thoughts as I settle for the night. 💫 they are filled with warm wishes and bright possibilities. You are so dear and kind. You may have a whole batch of chocolate oatmeal cookies and I will even leave the chocolate out in a few if you should wish to share. Thank you, 🍪😊😸🎶🍪💕

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      1. 😂 no it doesn’t, does it? But that’s just what we used to say when I was young. The whole saying was kind of awful now that I think of it. 🙃. Good afternoon to you. Goodnight from me. 💫

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  4. As a 6 day/week gym goer, I feel I have a certain expertise with respect to yoga pants. Looking at, not wearing. Of course mine is the male perspective which rates the attributes and virtues of yoga pants differently than described in your post. I can say confidently that most of my brothers agree with me that the inventor of these fashions, a Mr. Lululemon if I recall, should receive a Nobel Prize. Beyond that, affiyant sayeth not – too dangerous these days! Now, let’s have cookies!

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    1. You are an expert! No doubt you and your brothers have had grand and philosophical discussions on this very topic. 🙃 no need to answer as danger is lurking these days. 😊. The only joyful thing about an empty cookie jar is that I’m free to bake a brand new batch! Do you have a favorite or does Max? Ellie loves oatmeal if I leave out the chocolate chips!

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  5. I love your sense of humour Suzanne. It was a funny read and made me smile wide from the beginning to the end, with a couple of quiet laughs in between as I wasn’t supposed to make noise in a library.

    I love your reflections on the differences and similarities between tights, leggings and yoga pants. I´ve never worn leggings in my life, these curious things seem to be created mainly for fashion purpose. A pair of leggings must look gorgeous on a pair of long legs, but you know I´m just a little woman…

    I understand your thoughts on tights, but in this chilly part of the world where I live, WOOL tights are a necessity in winter. We even have a term for it in Norwegian, and it says “Wool is Gold”.

    WOOL tights are really a necessity, let me explain why. Yesterday it was freezing cold, but the sun was out. I put on my yoga pants (this is when yoga pants came into the picture) and decided to have a run in the forest (let me tell you it wasn’t an easy decision). I worn my dear WOOL tights under yoga pants to keep me warm. It did its warm-up job brilliant, and not only that, it saved my life (sort of I know). I fell over and and hit my knees on the icy ground hard. Thanks to my thick wool tights, the wound didn’t look too bad though the intensity of pain was another story…

    I´m writing from my computer and I can´t find any emojis so let me pronounce it aloud at the end of the comment – (RED) HEART!

    (Sorry about the length of the comment, it looks like a post in itself…

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    1. How you make me smile Isabelle! I’m so happy it gave you the giggles. Your thoughts aren’t too long at all! Rather they are a delight. ☀️

      I hadn’t thought of that. Perhaps the joy of leggings is about long legs after all. I too am little so that mystery eludes me… 🙃

      “Wool is Gold”. I love that! And wool tights as a layer make good sense as it’s so cold where you are. I’m so sorry you fell on your run. Sometimes the soreness the next day is even worse. I’m happy your wool tights helped though. 😊❤️

      And I loved the way you adjusted to no emojis….RED HEART back to you!

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  6. This is wonderful, Suzanne! I have also pondered the whole tights, leggings, yoga pants thing. 🤣 It’s a mystery to me in that I can’t stand tights, don’t really get leggings although I own 2 pair and try! They don’t stay up ever and I feel like a 5 year old playing dress up when I wear them! Constant tugging back up! And yoga pants….I love yoga so I own a few pair but You couldn’t pay me to wear them out and about. I even think it looks cute on people and I look fine in them but I feel really weird bopping around in them….and have a dreaded fear of camel toe in them out and about! Yep. I said it! 🤣 And the nursing home thing. You are so right!!! We just put one of my sweet sisters in a nursing home and it is such a sweet HAPPY place! From the minute we walked in the door to speak to them I was stunned. Genuinely happy. Amazing. Who knew? Thank You for gifting a huge smile in my heart and YES to cookies!!! Every cookie question got a huge YEEEESSS!!!! Sending You chocolately sunshine and curiosity filled hugs and laughter!!! 🤗❤️😊

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    1. Katy! 😄 I loved all your thoughts! You said it just right about the leggings. That’s how I feel, constantly in a game of tug of war with them. And they’re always winning! You know what I’m talking about when I say how you have to do that weird awkward stretch move to get them back into place…where they never stay. Yoga is more fun than that and the pants stay in place. 🤣. Like you, I keep my yoga attire at home, for those same good reasons! 🐪 😂 Can’t nursing homes be sweet places?! The staff are so caring and the residents are so friendly. I hope all goes well with your sweet sister. ❤️. Cookies!! Thank you for all your wonderful wishes Katy! You have given me huge warm smiles. Chocolate chip hugs and sprinkle sunshine back to you!!! ☀️❤️🤗

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      1. Thank You, Suzanne!!! This just gifted my first laugh of the day. And my sweet sister is doing wonderfully well, Thank You!!! Sending huge hugs and so much Love Your way!!! Cheers! 🤗💖😊

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  7. Another great post Suzanne, it has one of those special abilities to draw you in and keep you tight – which is an ironic word considering that the first section of the post was tight vrs loose vrs saggy. I prefer yoga pants, no l don’t have any, but l do have some Bamboo pants that are supposed to be joggers but they don’t feel like joggers because they are quite tight, not overly tight, but tighter than my other Bamboos which are just Bamboo Pants, nice feeling being comfortable, but unpleasant being tight. But my Suze wears yoga pants and tights, but never leggings and never both at the same time, of the tights and yoga pants, l prefer the latter for purely male reasons l hasten to add. Suze tells me the yoga pants are very comfortable and more so because they are Bamboo so have that silkiness to them, but she wears tights for work and at times looks like a little pixie minus the pixie ears.

    We always need questions Suzanne as it reminds us that we are always seeking answers 🙂 The moment we stop asking questions and we stop seeking answers well thye fun stops.

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    1. Laughing! Now see, I have absolutely no experience with bamboo pants. It sounds like men have some clothing issues similar to ours. Thank you for the enlightenment on such an important topic. If we all stand together for comfortable we’ll fit pants….the whole state of the world may change. No pinching or falling or chafing…it may help to achieve lasting world peace! It’s worth a try anyway. I totally agree with Suze on yoga pants! I only wish I had some with bamboo. It’s funny. I’ve never heard a man say he didn’t like them and I’ve never heard a woman say they weren’t comfortable. It would seem they’re a pretty stellar piece of clothing. 😊 Your Suze sounds absolutely adorable! 🧚‍♀️ Please give her my very best pixie wishes! 😊

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  8. As usual, I love reading about your thoughts little sister. Thank you for enlightening me about tights, leggings and yoga pants. I feel the same way about sports pants…they are very comfortable. Love you. MR

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  9. I often write while I walk through the forest…there are so many images that catch my eye and scents to stoke my imagination…footless tights made me very happy this past winter slipped underneath my jeans and boots, yoga pants are lovely to wear off and on the mat, and wearing footed tights would bring me back to childhood, that’s for sure! What kind of cookies are my favourite? The chewy oatmeal one I buy to enjoy with a delicious cup of hot chocolate every once in awhile…thank you for inviting me into your world this morning…I’m left feeling quite warm and cozy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It makes me happy to hear that you write while walking too. Thank you for sharing such gentle thoughts. Chewy oatmeal are soooo yummy. I like mine with hot tea. And if I can’t make myself sit long enough for lunch, I’ll put peanut butter on one and take it with me. It’s better than fast food. 🙃 Thank you for joining me…it’s been a pleasure to have you…come back soon. 😊❤️

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  10. I also have a head full of questions, at all times questions. Questions sometimes uttered and others are kept silent.
    I give your post a gold star. 🙂

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