Early last evening I drifted off to the sounds of a favorite song on repeat. I wonder how they do it, the composers I mean. However do they know which notes to place beside each other. They choose so carefully. How can they be certain that these two will be more beautiful if they are together. The best music is that way. I can’t listen enough. It is over too soon. I only want it to go on and on…

When I awakened at midnight the song had stopped. But, the rain had just begun. It came strong against the roof. I love it when it does and I haven’t anywhere to be. If only the roof was a tin one…. I snuggled under the covers and deeper into dreams. There were wings there, so many beautiful wings.

I chose some flower bulbs a few weeks ago. The lilies will be a rainbow of colors. The clematis will climb and cover the fence. I am most looking forward to the hollyhocks. I’ve never managed them before. If all goes well they will be tall spires of ruffled pastels. I hope…They are waiting on me. The days are warm enough. There is plenty of rain. I even know where they will be planted. It is time.

A new bunny friend has taken up residence in the nearby woods. She drives the dogs berserk going through the fence at her leisure. She comes and goes as if she owns the place. “It’s been awfully nice, see ya soon!” she calls over her fluffy cottontail. Meanwhile Jack and Dobby bark in helpless frustration that they cannot follow. Good for her!

Have I ever told you that early memory at my very first home? The one when I was very young. The story of the yellow sofa. Oh, I must tell you that one soon. It’s such a happy thing. It’s nice to tuck away the sweet ones and keep them. Like the time you said to me….

Yes, that one’s very dear. I treasure it…as I do you…

Yesterday was the Easter egg hunt! I wish you could have seen the children lined up in a row clutching tight their baskets. They waited so patiently to be let loose in the grass. Anticipation filled the emptiness! I was paired with a new little girl who was heart sad with missing her daddy. But, for a while she let go of her sorrow to search for beauty at her tiny feet. I noticed her pass over the purples and the blues in favor of the pinks and yellows. It touched my heart the way she carefully chose what was just right for her. It wasn’t about having the most or even about having more. A few lovely eggs were enough.

Do you know what I love…that there was plenty…of everything. No one was left out. All belonged. All were found. Happy baskets. Smiling children. And the sky was kind enough not to rain until we had had our fun. One sweet face looked up at me in pure joy and asked – can we do that again?! All over again! I don’t think he even realized there was something inside of the eggs. The search was joyful gift enough.

Now, I’m in a quiet place, one I come to over and again. It’s a searching kind of place where the being here is gift enough. I’m writing to you as I listen to a favorite song on repeat. And I wonder how the composer knew how all those beautiful notes would be even more lovely beside each other….


ellie894 April 18, 2019

70 thoughts on “Again please!

      1. How’s it going Suzanne yep am still Alive iv Not Drop t Dead yet I must be strong person than other people after having 3 Thorax’s I carnt see anyone getting though this by the way thanks for being there I mean talking to me all that time I only had you to talk with when this first happen d next day after Phil Collins concert kind of sucks for me cursed feels like

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  1. Right now we’re in Stockholm, a large city with things happening at every moment, it seems. Spring has sprung here with plenty of sunshine, the temperature reached 18/19 degrees yesterday. It’s equally warm today.

    Sitting in the charming lobby of the hotel, reading your words, following your thoughts, and feeling the gentleness and beautify in various scenes created by your craft of writing. I, all of a sudden, have an urge, a longing to follow your path. Listening to the rain hitting the roof, caressing the lilies, accompanying the sweet girls and boys hunting the Easter eggs, and then settling down in that quiet place.

    It was lovely to be lost in reverie, letting the thoughts fly for a while, as a foreigner in this busy city.

    Happy Easter, Suzanne ❤️

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    1. 18/19 C is beautiful spring weather! I imagine the colors are lovely. Is Stockholm a good walking city?

      Hotel lobbies are such a treat, especially charming ones. They welcome you to a place that’s not your home and invite you to rest a while and watch the happenings😊. It warms my heart that you felt a part of my moments. They did move along in an easing manner. I hope to finish planting this weekend.

      Enjoy your stay and adventure away from home. Thank you for all your kind thoughts. 🌷

      Happy Easter Isabelle ❤️

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      1. Like Oslo, Stockholm is a coastal city. To me a costal city is a perfect walking and running city.

        I’ve had a couple of running excises in the early morning. Bathing in the morning sun and chilled air, I run passed the sea, the boats and woods. It was a very liberating feeling 😊

        Take care, Suzanne ❤️🌹

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  2. Happy Belated Easter, Suzanne!!! This was like being gently opened and having sunlight and a trillion hugs poured all through me. Your words are such a wonderful gift. You transport me and gift such sweet calmness. Thank You for this!!! Sending huge hugs Your way!!! 🤗💖🌀☀️🌸

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    1. Happy belated Easter to you, Katy!!! Your sweet thoughts always brighten my day! A basket full of hugs and smiles and…chocolates…for You!!! Thank you for being you and making the world a sweeter place to be 😊💕🍭🌷!!!

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      1. Hugs, smiles and….CHOCOLATES?!!! WOW! A red-letter day indeed!!! Thank You, Suzanne! We’re dancing in a big, wonderful smile circle here as You just zinged one back to me!!! Ah! Sigh! And Yay!!! 😀🤗🍬🌻🌝

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  3. Oh Goodness! I am still half asleep and didn’t realize You were cheering my Cheers! Houston, we have a full flown, smile bearing, glass clinking, “Cheers!” shouting circle of infinity!!! The art piece just became broader! 🤣

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