I cannot yet say that there’s a welcome chill in the air

…but it is finally September…

Could you hear the sigh in me

As I wrote it out full…


Last night a deer felt at home in the field

This morning,

A hawk graces the sky above me

My creek saunters on

As lyrically as always

To wherever it goes

But to my gaze it all seems the tiniest bit different

Far more exquisite than mere words

Can tell

It shimmers from the inside

As though by a faery’s whispered spell

I take a step

And another

…and another still

Gentle ones made carefully

So as not to disturb the tender things

That call the ground home

While I search the pine straw for a feather

…there isn’t one to be found

Perhaps there will be when I return

In time for the sun to wish me goodnight

Oh, eventime…

Will the colors be brilliant in their last hurrah

Or faded and comforting

Like my favorite soft jeans

We’ll see

But I don’t want to miss this moment

In anticipation of that one

And so back to now,

Woodpeckers knocking behind me

And turtles preparing to laze themselves long

Hour after hour

Upon the finest fallen log

I wonder at what they will see

While I am away this day

I breathe deeply in

The sweet air of a new dawn

After all it is September…

Some days there is a peace that comes

That nearly overwhelms me,

As silent as a single feather drifting

As mighty as the golden setting sun

All at once my heart knows

Beyond all knowing

That this…

…this is what love feels like…


ellie894 September 4, 2019

I could play with these thoughts a while longer and make them just so. I wonder if I’ve made a mistake somewhere that I’ll discover only after I share. So please forgive any missteps. I want only to give them away before this day gets away from me. They’re yours now and my hope is that you’ll find something lovely in them of your very own to keep. May you all find joy and kindness in the days ahead. ❤️

49 thoughts on “all at once I know…

  1. With this lovely poem, you put me to the perfect autumn mood. Autumn used to be my favourite season when I was a young girl living in Shanghai. Summer there was unbearably hot and I longed for autumn to cool me off. But things’ve changed since I moved to Norway. Summer here is rarely associated with intense heat so I heartily wish that it could last…for ever. Because once the autumn has come, the winter isn’t far away. And then it would be snow and wind for months. Your poem, however, reminds me of the beauty of autumn. The autumn colour is a treasure in itself. Take care, Suzanne ❤️

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    1. I guess here it is like when you lived in Shanghai. The next few days will be over 100 degrees. Autumn is such a sweet relief after the long hot summer. But in Norway I imagine the signs of autumn might make you a little melancholy, sad to say farewell to the beautiful days of summer. Thank you for sharing it with me. I’m so happy these moments gave you something kind. Take care Isabelle ❤️

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      1. Hi iv just had that operation Thoracic Surgery after all that Time not nice to have but iv got Though it all fort I’d message you because only you new when I had first Thorax I had a lot of them my lung operation part cut away and staple d my right side feels odd after this Thoracic Surgery but am still Alive that’s all what matters by the way thanks for being cool talking to me back then before and after Phil Collins concert this first happen d how are you doing


  2. This poem is absolutely exquisite. I read it using my mouse to reveal only one line at a time, and I would encourage others to read it the same way. Now, of course I am left wondering, how could you have known the way I feel about September–and expressed my experience better than I ever could have myself?

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    1. September is far more like New Years for me than January ever will be. Your comments are always so thoughtful Liz. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you take such care in reading. Warmest thanks and a peaceful September to you ☺️❤️

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