July 14, 2019

Despite the heat,

I have been outdoors

For the last two days


To roses

And grasses

And trees

The sunny dappled garden of my days

I even dug in the dirt

To plant the already sprouting

Sweet potatoes

I offered them a better home

Than their pantry basket

Did you know

If given the chance

They make a lovely vine

The tendrils are delicate

The leaves decorous

And the green is decidedly delightful

So it was

That I was

Tired and sore

And, I almost did not walk last evening


I changed my mind at the last

And went ahead anyway

How happy I am for it

For whatever carried me to there

Away from my to dos

And into the fields

Tended by their own dear sky

A wind blew cool from the north

A welcome respite in a Texas July

Bringing along

Snowy whites and threatening grays

It surprised me

And caught me

In a bubbly sparkling rain

How still I stood

To listen

To a thousand fairies

Dancing from leaf to leaf

In joyful innocence

Open the eyes of your heart

Their silvery wings whispered to me

And so I turned

From beneath the cover

And protection of the juniper

To see

An enchanting bow of faded colors

Filling the air with hope

And my dreams with surrender

I imagine it to be a circle

And wonder where it travels to

Beyond where I can see

Into a brightest elsewhere

Of love’s eternal hide and seek

How very grateful I am

That wonder called to me

And I listened…

Behind every poem is a fullness of thought. So it is with this one. On a July day, I planted sweet potatoes. I walked to a hilltop where rain caught me. I marveled at a rainbow arching over field, forest and home. And, I listened.

Recently I read a small book about cultivating silence. Thinking about silence suddenly makes you keenly aware of all the sounds that you hear. Silence reminds me to listen.

Even though everyone, including me is bestowing Happy Autumn wishes, it is still summer in Texas. It’s nearly October and this very minute I hear the sound of the sprinkler rhythmically turning under the holly tree, splashing everything in its path.

Hummingbirds are performing a brilliant “cirque de soleil”. I am the lucky soul with a free front row seat! They twitter and hum as they playfully zip-zing and then rest for a time among the prickled leaves. The hummers eat more in September than at any other time of the year. I think it’s because they’ll leave me soon. They’re fattening up before their long journey. I wonder what their tropical getaway looks like and whether they miss the holly tree.

Those sweet potatoes that I planted are so cheerful! If I can keep Jack and Dobby from romping through them they will grow all the way into December. I giggle that I find so much to love about them. You see, I’ve never liked to eat sweet potatoes. When I was a child I couldn’t stand them no matter how deliciously you dressed them up. Even marshmallows made no difference to me.

Gosh Mimi, those sweet potatoes smell good.

Would you like some, suzanne?

No thank you.

In truth I probably made a squinchy face and said Blech as they were heaped on my plate. If only I had had Bo back then. He would have sat blissfully at my elbow scarfing down every yucky bite I snuck to him. But, that’s a story for another day, aptly titled – The Dog Eats Half My Food!

Now, I eat sweet potatoes twice a year. They’re fine. But, I will never be a fan.

However, I do love to watch them grow. They create a twirling elegant vine. In autumn I buy them fresh at farmers’ roadside markets. Some I cook. The rest wait to be planted the following spring. I know, July is nowhere near spring. I was incredibly late this year. Nevertheless, in the ground they went.

I didn’t have very high hopes for them. After all, we were heading into the hottest driest part of the year. Who plants anything in July?! This year, I did. And, you know what? They have grown above and beyond my expectations. They are the happiest little patch of heart shaped leaves and curling tendrils that you can possibly imagine. They have spread like a low lush forest. You never can tell who might be playing in there…

Back to that July afternoon –

There was rain! Fluffy clouds rolled in and surprised me. It hinted of champagne. A cork joyously popped!! Bubbles spilled over the edges and the sky winked at me as if there was something special about this moment. And there I was caught right in the lovely center of it. I can still hear the drops cascading around me in my secluded hilltop waterfall.

There was a rainbow! Have you ever noticed how silent they are. Not a single sound. They come and go without ever crying out or begging to be seen. How many do we miss because we are occupied in thought or in doing. But this one…I heard. In its own gentle voice it rhymed and sang and invited me to dance. The colors gathered me and sailed me to far away places…into enticing dreamscapes as I wondered where its other half might be. I stayed and stayed not wanting to miss a single tender hue or precious step.

And, then there were sweet potatoes. They lay quietly in their dark underground cavern listening…to the earth and the rain and the colors of the rainbow telling them All that they would become…in time.

The last few months have been parched. I don’t have an answer. Sometimes life is like that. Dry and dusty. You wait, for rain and for hope to come. In the meantime, you do what you can. Turn on the sprinkler. Enjoy the hummers. Be someone’s rainbow. And, listen to the sweet potatoes grow…

May your spirit find refreshment in listening to the soft and silent things that touch your heart.

Suzanne ❤️


ellie894 September 29, 2019

Note there are no photos of actual sweet potatoes or casseroles in this post because…you know, reasons. 😉

58 thoughts on “faded colors, sweet potatoes and a shower of champagne…

  1. I’m not a fan of eating sweet potatoes either, but WOW, what a cool plant those obnoxious tubers (are they tubers?) produce.

    I saw the opening picture with the rain drop and said “Oooh, pretty!”, and your words made it even prettier.

    The heat has been hanging around SoCal too. Except the past couple days we’ve had grey skies and little bits of rain. Very weird for this time of year. I’m happy about it though because the flock of wild parrots have moved to my neighborhood for a while. They’ve even been hanging out in the tree in my backyard. YAY🦜
    I took pictures but they’re green and you cant really see them in the green leaves😕

    Thank you, as always, for sharing your beautiful quiet moments.🌧🌈🌱💌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think they are a tuber. They look like one anyway. 🙃. It’s nice to know someone else who doesn’t go for sweet potatoes. I feel like a traitor at Thanksgiving. Lol 😂

      A flock of wild parrots in your backyard? That’s so neat! If they’re green it probably looks like the tree is flying away and coming back again. 😄. Are they noisy? If I see parrots it means I’ve been to the zoo. That must be really beautiful. 🦜

      This one was on the long side. It was really nice of you to read. Happy you liked it. Thank you for your kind thoughts. ☔️🌈🌱💌

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The parrots are noisier than the ravens. My daughter hates the noise. She works the overnight shift so she’s trying to sleep in the morning and napping at sunset when they flock.
        I feel bad for her but I’m too excited to feel TOO bad🙊😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You have quite an evening chorus going on! There must be a bunch of them. I’m sorry for your daughter trying to sleep 😴. But I’m happy you’re enjoying the parrots! 😉. That’s too cool to miss out on. 😊🦜Does Ben like them?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ben notices the noise but he doesnt go to look. He WILL point out the colors of a sunset if he notices. We’ve tried to instill a love of nature in him but🤷‍♀️ I very rarely understand what’s going on in his brain.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. 😊 if the plant is pretty it’s fun to grow anyway! I once let a radish go too long. It became enormous! It’s sad to watch the plants suffer during a drought. Tx is pretty sweet. 🌷 Hope you get some rain soon and that the southeast is just as nice as can be. Thank you Sarah, so nice to visit. 💕


  2. Lovely poem Suzanne, I love sweet potatoes baked in butter and brown sugar. Mexican sweet potatoes are huge and because they have a huge DNA strane they use them to make all different kinds of things ( just a random fact I know 😁).


    Liked by 3 people

      1. Your welcome dear 😀.
        Like sowebeans they break them down and use the difference DNA’s to make meds and other chemical compounds, the ones I seen on TV were about the size of beach balls, howed you like to try and back that 😂.

        BY FOR NOW

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Every single post you write is sooo lyrical!! 😍😍❤️❤️ HOW DO YOU DO THAT!?!? 😍😍 It’s like your blog radiated positivity and beauty!! 😍😍 I always feel calm and happy while reading your words!! 😍😍❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. RAIN, YOU Always leave me smiling and rather at a loss for words! ❤️. You are so very dear and your thoughts touch my heart 🥰 more than I can say. You’re such a careful reader of All things! 😊 It means so much to me that you find those things in my writing…thank you with warmest hugs!! 🤗❤️😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s pretty nice and y’all don’t even need a passport. Definitely yes to beer! In Texas it’s better than champagne. And if you want to try a local brew, Shiner has been around a good long while. 😊 Thanks!


  4. Love your writing and pics. As for drought, yes, I know. A few years ago after almost two years of drought, I watered my last selected plant in my rather large garden with a watering can, I knew it was the last because I put the can down and said to myself, that I was in fact fighting a losing battle. Right then and there I gave up my garden to the drought but also prayed again for rain, releasing the whole matter to God. One thing I new was that my futile efforts to water were over. That very night, it rained and poured down in buckets. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was. I never took my eyes off that downpour until it was over.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. What a beautiful moment of hope. Thank you for sharing it with me. We so often try to carry too much when it’s not all ours to hold. Over and over again, I learn to trust and let go. Thank you so kindly.
      Take care,
      Suzanne ❤️


    1. Ah, wrists are tricky. Be careful of it. For me it’s a shoulder that gives me caution. Hope your earth gets turned. Sweet potatoes are often a default veggie as I just put them out and they begin to take off. Delightful, despite myself. ❤️


      1. That’s awesome! Aw I’m sorry about your shoulder. I hope you find something to help it. Yeah wrists are tricky. I’m bring careful. I have a brace on to keep it still. It’s feeling better so far. I just keep resting it. Thank you ! I hope that I will ne able to do the garden too. I want one this year. Last year we didn’t have one.

        Liked by 1 person

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