Scene Cuts Created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

Thank you Rory for inviting me to share funny moments from movies I love in this premiere of Scene Cuts! We could all do with more laughter in our lives and this is wonderful way to begin. 

Once a week, Rory will pick a Film Genre, post three film clips and tag three readers who in turn will post three film clips on the chosen film genre and tag 3 of their own. 

In Rory’s own words – So what’s Scene Cuts? Fair question … and answered very simply – everyone love movies and films and everyone loves ‘ snippets’ from their favourites … those funny scenes, those moments which just captivated you!

This week’s theme is Comedy! 

My three clips are…




I invite anyone who would like to share funny movie moments to pause their giggles and do so! 


ellie894  October 6, 2019

36 thoughts on “Scene Cuts – Comedy

  1. Well done!! Lucy & Desi, Matthau & Lemon and of course, Barbra! 😂

    That Odd Couple scene reminds me a a scene from one of my favorite movies, Murphy’s Romance. I couldn’t find a clip of the scene to share☹ I reccomend the movie though.

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    1. Thanks!! I haven’t seen Murphy’s Romance but I’ll look for it. There were clips I couldn’t find and then there were the ones I wasn’t even looking for. I laughed a lot just looking. 😂

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    1. I haven’t seen that one, but I’ll look for it. And now you’ve made me think of Along
      Came Polly! It’s hard to think of them when you’re trying to. Lol.

      Thank you. Hope yours is full of laughter. 😊

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    1. Thank you Rory 😊. I had quite a time narrowing it down and am still thinking of funny ones. I wanted the Vacation scene when they put Aunt Edna on top of the car but couldn’t find it. I laughed a Lot looking for clips and realized there are a lot of funny movies to do with traveling!

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      1. I almost went with a “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” clip! So funny! I discovered that there are so many funny moments related to traveling! “Rat Race” was another one I considered. 😊

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  2. Those were great, Suzanne!!! Thanks for starting my day with laughter!!! I’d seen all 3 movies but I’d completely forgotten the scenes from The Odd Couple and What’s Up Doc?!!! Need to watch those again. 🤣Sending huge hugs Your way! 🙂

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