I want to begin with a where,
And a why,
And a sort of a how.
I want to tell you that the light is soft,
Whether it is the flicker of a candle or the glow of a lamp.
I want to tell you of the music,
As a piano dances, a violin takes to the sky and lyrics sink into the depths of me.

I want to tell you of my sweater,
The long gray one that falls to the backs of my calves, 
that sways with my every move, 
much like a tango, 
only with a more subtle flair.
Can a sweater even be like a tango…  
I wrote that over and again last night,
And deleted it each time.  
Yet, here I am writing it once more. 
Perhaps it wants to be written, and wants to be told. 
There are other thoughts too, 
Moments of nothing but cloudy mist,
Afternoons weary from searching 
The edges of dawn blushing at the very thought of what may be,

And, the way I love coffee with cream
In a small cup 
First thing.
And later in the day, tea
Also in a small cup
Sweetened with a touch of cane sugar
And stirred rhythmically 
With my favorite spoon.
Do you know why I love a small cup?
Because, I sip more than I drink,
I savor more than I gulp.
I like my brew hot…
Too big of a cup, and it goes…
It’s not meant to be cold,
It’s meant to be…
…and steamy and bold.
So that the cup may warm my hands,
As the brew warms my soul…
That’s the way it’s meant to be,
As the sun upon my face
As the love within my heart,
My hands hold gently
My lips kiss the edges
And I am embraced by the heat
So very completely…
That’s the way it’s meant to be

ellie894 November 14, 2019

74 thoughts on “can a sweater be like a tango…

  1. I love your tango sweater!! 💃
    My goodness, you’ve had some beautiful skies to lose yourself in. And a cozy sweater to dance with. And a small cup full of warmth. Thank you for sharing your beautiful blessings with us. Your posts always give me such a feeling of peace. They are wonderful gifts.💝🌻😍

    I have a great big coffee mug. I want to get a little one now. Maybe a pretty little painted porcelain cup? 🤗💌

    Liked by 2 people

    1. What a warm smile you’ve given me! Dancing is always a treat, right?! 💃 And, I love my gray sweater 💕

      I cannot decide if it’s just me or if the skies really are more beautiful this time of year. They stun me whether with strong clouds or bright colors!

      Well, if you do decide on a small mug… enjoy the search 🥰. The painted porcelain ones make any day feel special, even when they’re empty. Thrift shops are the best place to look. 😉 nearly everything is made for Paul Bunyan these days, the bigger the better. 😂

      I’m really happy you enjoyed it, thank you Angie 💌🤗💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Isn’t it fun?! I’m not sure how many thrift stores there are in town but I have two that I especially love to visit. My favorite spoon…is an old mismatched super long teaspoon…to go with my tiny cup 😂 🥰

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  2. Hi Ellie, oh these lines are just beautiful and have a certain flow to them, like the ocean´s gentle waves, or the ripples in a stream maybe… there is just a gorgeous, sweet, subtle melody within your poem, love the subtlety of it, and the ephemeral images it creates in my mind. Thanks for this gorgeous poem! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you Gypsy, I’m touched deeply by your lovely thoughts. It felt sort of that way as I was writing. It’s awfully kind of you to notice. Sending hugs and good wishes your way. 😊❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dear Ellie, you are very welcome. I wrote it straight from my heart, thank you for weaving some word-magic into my day 🙂 Hugs and good wishes gladly received, sending many hugs and blessings back to you in Eastern Texas 😊❤️

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  3. Now that sounds like a great sweater to have, but is it a sweater as in an overly long sweater than Grandma made on the premise you would always grow into it and never did, or is it a cardigan that is long and meant to be a dancer? Loved this … also loved the idea of a cup and not a mug, my coffee is always going cold .. although l feel my cup would always go cold as well.

    I know l have already said this, but loved this, it made me however think of the line ‘You know you have been tangoed when ..@

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I had to go look up “you know you have been tangoed when…”. I wasn’t familiar with it. Looks funny 😄

      Ah, now that’s a good question as I had two grandmothers who stitched. This sweater is one of those long cardigans though, meant to be a dancer. 😊. And the cup…A few years ago the microwave went out. I decided not to replace it as the only thing I really used it for was rewarming coffee. 🙃 I’m happy to say I don’t miss it and I do enjoy sipping from a smaller cup. I’m so glad you liked this, thank you Rory 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. João-Maria’s thoughts and generosity touched me deeply. And it’s very kind of you to visit here. Thank you so much! So happy you enjoyed it! 🔥 ☕️ 😊. Do take care Lia, suzanne 💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You found it! I’m so happy for that. I take amateur photos with my phone and technology eludes me a little, so, it was really there in that moment and I was simply graced to gather it. It was a joyful surprise when I realized it was there. 😊 thank you ❤️


      1. Yes! And yes, I do think a sweater can be like a tango and you brought that image to life in the most beautifully flowy way. I’ve crocheted dresses that swirl and twirl—cause as my young friend announced to me one day “a girl’s gotta twirl”

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  4. This is incredible . I’m a loss for words . I’ve felt these thoughts before. Loving the small simplicities in my day, taking in the tiny moments that pass too quickly. I keep them with me, laughing at my silly thoughts at work. My client somehow understanding my humor. The little moments, watching the sun paint the morning clouds, watching the light fill the sky, my kitchen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is the little things, isn’t it. The ones that settle in our hearts and offer us a daily gift of comfort and joy. I do love the ordinary days…and my kitchen! With warm thanks to you for sharing your own moments, take good care, suzanne ❤️


  5. Suzanne! I love love love LOVE this!!! You wrapped me up with the most beautiful words. From the brilliant title which I am SOOOOOO happy You finally allowed Yourself to write down without scratching out!!! to the wonderful picture of the fire with a heart in the flames. Amazing. Thank You for this! Huge hugs!!! 🤗❤️🌀💕😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy you found the heart Katy! I took some pictures of a backyard fire and then later when I was looking through them….there it was! How cool is that?! I have no idea how to photoshop 🙃 so it really was right there right then ❤️. Thank You for your Lovely encouraging thoughts full of Joy and warm friendship!! Huge hugs circle round to you my dear friend!! 🤗❤️🌀💖🥰

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my gosh, Suzanne!!! Ok. HOW COOL that the heart was just there. Yup. That’s so wonderful. I bet we see flashes of hearts all the time in leaves blowing, etc. and don’t even know it. And as always, my absolute pleasure!!! Incoming Hug hug!!! 🤗🌀💕🦋😊

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