May you need

All of your fingers

And all of your toes

And still, not have enough

To count all of your blessings.

May they be more numerous by far

Than all of the stars

In all of the sky

For all of time…

Happy thanksgiving!

suzanne ❤️

November 28, 2019

55 thoughts on “happy thanksgiving!

  1. Thank you for taking the time to wish us all a Happy Thanksgiving and reminding us that it is indeed a day to give thanks for the blessings we have (and not to covet the material possessions we don’t have and advertisers and trying to force-feed us).

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  2. Your words make me feel warm and cozy. Even on a day like today that is cold, windy and pouring rain.🌧😒

    Happy Turkey Day to you and yours! Both my girls have work today, so no big gathering. They do still require me to make Cheesy Taters though🤷🏼‍♀️😁🤗😘💃🏼💝

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    1. Happy they could make you feel warm and cozy. You had a good day for that ☔️

      Thank you! Gobble gobble. 😄 Happy Turkey day to you and yours too! It wasn’t big here either but I did cook enough that it felt big, even sweet potatoes. 😂. Cheesy Taters sound yummy! 🤗💃🏼😘💞🍁

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      1. It really was this year . My uncle was up my grams with us and he’s sick with cancer and they’ve been shrinking the cells . He’s been a walking miracle thanks to God honestly ♡ so this thanksgiving was honestly awesome 🙂 I’m really happy yours was too.

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      2. Oh, that’s wonderful to hear! Gifts me with a smile this Sunday morning 😊. Thoughts and prayers with you and yours for much healing in the days ahead 💞


      3. I’m in East Texas not too far from the Dallas area. 30’s are very common in the winter here. It just doesn’t stay there for long. Anything below 28 is unusually cold. 😊


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