I love when….

I love when a late October day is crisp

and I can see my breath

..floating in the air

Faery homes glisten in the early morning fields

..still sparkling

from the night before

Somehow I just know they’ve been dancing

all hours long

in the silvery blue moonlight..

Mist rises




from the silence

of the pond

..as though it is whispering a secret long held within

a weary traveler from the hot dry summertime


..letting go

Snow white crane stands triumphantly,

A beacon beneath the crimson leaves

And, there is a tree in the heart of the woods on the right of my path that will turn the color of sunshine soon

But, for now

..tiny star flowers are blooming in its tender shade

Autumn has arrived with colorful fanfare

Tomorrow it will be November…again

And yet, full of moments that have never been

One cannot help but to think of time

at times like this…

I love when a late October day is crisp

And time is of no consequence

when the sky is such a heavenly shade as this

the sort of blue that sings to the very heart of you

its soulful song of everyday

..of always


ellie894 October 31, 2020

Take good care,

Suzanne 🌷