far more than even enough…

Once upon a time

The world was as green as a lime

And, there was this Duck, quack quack

Who never ever looked back

Always zooming passed

This Duck was never last

Faster and faster with each new day

In a freight train kind of way

Until…Duck’s flying feathers fell out

All round about-bout

Dear Duck, was quite bereft

As one by one they up and left

The feathers would grow back

But at the time, Duck didn’t know that

Swimming so slow

He was a flightless bundle of woe

Nothing to do

The whole wide world felt a jazzy shade of gray slate blue

Duck was awfully forlorn

Until there came a sunny morn

And He opened his eyes

To find a feathered surprise

Another Duck

Had wandered up

Like sweet ice cream in a root beer float

On wings without a boat

Happy as can be

With all that She did everywhere see

Duck wondered…how

He paddled right over now

Before Duck could get to his task

Get real busy and ask

She gave him a smile

Wider than a wide Texas mile

Here was a Friend to show Duck

That He was far far more than even enough

The race was different then

No more zooming passed, no more blur of when

Everything was better

Like a whole alphabet, letter by letter

With feathers or with none

He was now a Duck who was more than a one

Two, without a boat or an end

Duck and his very dear Friend

Sometimes they swam quickly and sometimes they flew slow

But they were always fast Friends and that was more than enough…don’t you know

Wave goodbye now

… it’s time to fly now

.. time for the Duck Friends to go …


ellie894 April 2, 2021

Suzanne ❤️