Once upon a time

The world was as green as a lime

And, there was this Duck, quack quack

Who never ever looked back

Always zooming passed

This Duck was never last

Faster and faster with each new day

In a freight train kind of way

Until…Duck’s flying feathers fell out

All round about-bout

Dear Duck, was quite bereft

As one by one they up and left

The feathers would grow back

But at the time, Duck didn’t know that

Swimming so slow

He was a flightless bundle of woe

Nothing to do

The whole wide world felt a jazzy shade of gray slate blue

Duck was awfully forlorn

Until there came a sunny morn

And He opened his eyes

To find a feathered surprise

Another Duck

Had wandered up

Like sweet ice cream in a root beer float

On wings without a boat

Happy as can be

With all that She did everywhere see

Duck wondered…how

He paddled right over now

Before Duck could get to his task

Get real busy and ask

She gave him a smile

Wider than a wide Texas mile

Here was a Friend to show Duck

That He was far far more than even enough

The race was different then

No more zooming passed, no more blur of when

Everything was better

Like a whole alphabet, letter by letter

With feathers or with none

He was now a Duck who was more than a one

Two, without a boat or an end

Duck and his very dear Friend

Sometimes they swam quickly and sometimes they flew slow

But they were always fast Friends and that was more than enough…don’t you know

Wave goodbye now

… it’s time to fly now

.. time for the Duck Friends to go …


ellie894 April 2, 2021

Suzanne ❤️

97 thoughts on “far more than even enough…

    1. Now I’m thinking of other animals who might be nearby to throw in their two cents too. 😄 I did! All that thinking about root beer floats.. how could I resist?! Thanks loads said the toads 😄 (see. There’s one now)

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    1. Thank you! So happy it brought you a little cheer. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment. If I had to guess, I think ducks would like AC/DC, or maybe that’s just me. 😄. Take care x

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  1. Loved the story of the featherless duck who found a dear friend. So beautiful. I was lost in the world of duck for a while and it felt amazing. Your words are powerful. The photos are amazing. Beautiful.

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    1. I’ve been thinking of doing that for a while now, even more so lately. Thank you for the encouragement. I do love children’s stories. ☺️. But then I sort of think of them as stories for the child in each of us. ☺️

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      1. That actually would be amazing. I have a family member who documents (with photos, little home movies, email blurbs etc) along similar themes and she has started working on a children’s book now, for kids she knows, mostly. A children’s book out of this story (which is indeed joyful for adults) would also be so lovely!! 👍💗

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      2. You’ll be brilliant at it Suzanne… if/when it is completed I hope to celebrate with a root beer float in your honour. :)) 🤓😋

        Btw, a link I once saw on the topic, thought it was a pretty good general article amongst the many, when researching it alongside her… and please feel free to delete this comment or this part of it… but in case you haven’t seen it yet: https://blog.reedsy.com/how-to-write-a-childrens-book/

        xoxoxo 😚🦢🤗💗

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  2. First of all… “Like sweet ice cream in a root beer float” – drool. 🤤😉😋 As for the rest… cosy story of a ducky friendship. I love the photo too. Wonderful to see a hint of you. 🦢💗

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    1. I haven’t stopped thinking about one since I wrote this! 😄
      Thank you dearly, Lia 💓. Can’t tell you how much fun I had with those duck friends. There were three of them and I began to pack extra snacks just for them 🥰.

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    2. “Aim to be a tender survivalist.” – I just read this of yours. It’s a beauty 💖. Fridge worthy for certain. That means, I will write it out on card stock or index card by hand and with your name. And, it will adorn the fridge and be a source of encouragement for me each time I see it. Thank you ☺️🌷💓

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      1. Oh wow… Suzanne, what a kind gift of a reply you’ve given me here. That feels amazing. Thank you so very much. I feel honoured and I appreciate it. Heartfelt thanks to you, lovely lady. 😃🙏💝🥰

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  3. AWWWWW!!! Suzanne!!! This is the very sweetest thing ever!!! You just ended my day with a huge smile plastered all over my face and my heart. Thank You!!! Sending huge, ducky hugs Your way!!! 🤗💖🦆

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    1. Katy!!!! It’s always so good to hear from you! Your heart smile has given me one now too! Thank you so much!! Huge ducky hugs backatcha!!! Duck duck Hug! ❤️🦆🦆🤗


      1. Hey BEAUTIFUL Suzanne!!! I had to bop by and read You again!!! You just gifted a HUGE smile. I have felt like this duck quite often of late. Can’t stop smiling. I hope You are well and flourishing and still nature walking and wander wondering. Sending so much Love and Gratitude for the sweetness You share/spread!!! And of course, HUGE, HUGE hugs!!!!!!!!!!! Quackorama, Beauty!!! 🤗💖🦆💐🦋💕😊

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      2. Hey SWEET Katy!!! Thank you!!! It’s Always super good to have you close by for a visit. Well, if you are this duck then you should know … You’re the Bestest Ever with your sweet spirit and cheerful smile. I wander and wonder as often as I can. Sending Love and Hugs for your beautiful kind nature!!! Thank you for your encouragement, Katy. It means so much. HUGE HUGE HUGS!!!!! Quackorama, Beauty!!!! You gave me Huge Smiles 😄💖🌷🦋🌱💕🦆☺️


  4. Hello lovely Suzanne, this was so much fun to read! Isn’t nature just the best source of inspiration ever? Your beautiful loving spirit shines through your playful words once again. So sweet:) Much love and big hugs!!

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    1. Yes! It’s so true! Nature never ceases to be a wonder and a joy. Thank you dearly, Maria Elena:) so very lovely to hear from you and hoping all is well and good over there!! Big hugs and much love!!:) xoxo

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      1. My absolute pleasure, dear Suzanne! You are truly such a lovely soul and it’s a real pleasure whenever I read from you! It’s great that there is light at the end of the p-tunnel, isn’t it? Finally:) Big hugs and much love beautiful soul xoxo

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      2. You have such a bright spirit. I am so cheered to hear from you, dear Maria Elena. I can see you among all of those lovely flowers smiling joyfully. “P-tunnel”, I like that. 🙂 Big hugs and much love to you, sweet spirit xoxo

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    1. I’m awfully sorry you’ve been unable to plan any traveling. I hope that perhaps it is easing up a little for you now or soon. I enjoyed visiting your site! It made me smile very much as Texas is home for me! I hope all’s well with you and yours. Thank you so much for taking time to visit, suzanne ☺️

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      1. I believe you have everything you need to do so…Of course, I’m preaching to the choir here. I have an unfinished book I’ve been writing for over ten years…I need to get back to it again!

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      2. Yes! Good for you! I love to do things in small increments and remind myself how they grow to be more in time. 🌱🌿🌲! Keep at it! ❤️


  5. I seemed to have missed this wonderful poem back when it was posted. Loved the pictures and the poem. It was wholesome and as others mentioned, I could definitely see this reading on a book 🙂
    Thank you for putting a smile on my face. Keep writing 🙂

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    1. Oh! You absolutely made my day! How wonderful to hear from you and Max, and to be missed! And I confess I have a birthday this week, so extra thanks. I’ve been thinking very much about coming back. Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll start a countdown and give myself a deadline of very soon. Dobby says – even sooner than that. Thank you ☺️ 🐾


      1. There you are! I always get concerned when a favorite blogger goes dormsnt even though I am guilty of doing the same from time to time. Good to hear from you and the Dobster and I hope you come back. In the meantime Happy Birthday!!! 32 is such a great age! You’ll love it.

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      2. It’s very cool of you to check in, so much appreciated! Thank you!! How did you know?!… You’re right, it is a great age. I think I’ll go find it somewhere back there and do it all over again, only better! 😄

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      3. Sweet! All birthdays should be counted in dog years! 32 it is! 😄 Yes, socks totally count. Hmmm socks counted in dog years… Dobby’s would have chew marks and frayed edges. 😄


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