Love knows…


Love knows neither clock or calendar

Love is not bound by place or even by touch

Love is before we met and beyond our being

Love is the crane who patiently waits and the snail who’s never late

Love is the unicorn prancing in the moonlight glowing

Love is the song made visible

And the silence in between

And love is the redbird in the sky

Upon a feathered wing

Love is the honeyed treasure of the pollen searching bee


Love is a whisper that journeys in the breeze and finds its way to the very heart of me

Love is the silk that weaves miss spider’s web

Love is the lace crafted of cotton thread

Love is the hand that holds the needle

Love is the needle that stitches the cloth

Love is in the breathing

And in the letting go

Love is pure and gentle

As soft as the falling snow

Miss Fred

Love is September’s brightest yellow

Love is October’s bold tangerine

Love unfolds in twilight

And warms with the setting sun

November love is deep wine red and readies the soul

For December’s gift that is yet to come…

Bo, Dobby, Jack and Ellie


ellie894 November 28, 2021