once a snowflake fell…

Once a snowflake fell

Upon a mountaintop

And melted into

..an ever flowing stream

Even then,

It did not stop

As the gentle river became

A dream, floating on…

And on, or so it seemed…

Once a snowflake drifted, now

A drop of water,

In its travels did carry long

Unto the ocean deep

It wound its way

It found its way

In daylight hours

And, in the ones

..of deepest sleep

Around the world

Again and overmore

…how long..and long

no one knows, for sure

No calendar

Nor clock to keep

As gracefully, time did


without a warning,

Or fanfare or anything much

The soulful drop,

was gathered and lifted

From where it had been

As if by a purposeful hand

Taken so carefully

From the waves of the sea

..to the dryness of the land

By way of the rolling thunder

Trumpeting, the dawn’s question..

Sounding the awakening

That knows no earthly bounds

And so, given

By sun and bluest sky

This lovely…once a snowflake,

Once a stream

Once a river

Once a dream

Once an ocean

Once a rain

Once a touch of everything….

Now a gentle dewdrop,

..at rest upon my skin…

….for but a moment in forever…


ellie894 April 24, 2020

Ode to the Cookie…

On long days

Or short ones

On up days

Or down ones

It is to the simple cookie

That I humbly go to call

It is the luscious cookie

For which I giddily pause

Chocolate chip and


Sandies too

Oatmeal pecan or


Nearly any kind will do

Quite easily,

One of the world’s most perfect foods


I confess,

I’m rather biased

In their favor

In their hearty flavor

But what would you have me do

I cannot possibly stop at one

Nor can I even stop at two

I have long been known

To make a meal of them

An in between of them

When time is short

And the chips are down

On goes the apron

As away runs the frown

Sugar and butter, well creamed

Eggs and vanilla, broken and streamed

A dash of soda, a pinch of salt,

Cups of oats, morsels of chocolate

Flour heaping…

Pecans lightly chopped

The mixer revs up

Into a mighty thunderous stirring

Then, to the sheets and such delicate drops

Into the oven

Dial up the heat

The waiting is hardest….


Oh when?

Will the cookie’s be complete!

Warm from the oven

Baked with such care

They’re at their bestest best

When I can reach out and share

I stand by my motto

So strong and so true

When things are bad and getting worse

Keep a cookie in your purse

Or your lunch box

Or your favorite Snoopy jar

Anywhere works

When cookies are involved

Because, it’s a well tested

Matter of fact

There is no day

In the history of ever

That by a cookie

Wasn’t made better

Do you feel it now

Do you…

Please tell me you do

The overriding


Ode comes to rest

A nibble of this

A nosh, more than a notion

A dream within a dream

With ice cold milk

Or steaming hot coffee

Can you think of anywhere

You’d rather be

Than here for a moment

Savoring cookies and sipping on tea


ellie894 April 9, 2020

My “fevered” thanks to Rory for the inspiration to write about cookies in this time of staying at homeness! 😊

Keep well, safe and smiling!

Suzanne ❤️

a lullaby for the cosmos…

I have been puttering at painting lately
In the evenings
Swirling things
Playful dreams
Just because.
I think I should try my hand, my brush,
At an elephant and a lotus blossom 
A morning is a funny thing,
Sort of where it begins
And how.
Why does this thought take hold
And not another.
I send a wish through sleepy eyes
Crawl out from the covers,
Sometimes begrudgingly
Usually with a note of what will come next
And, it does come next.
Those morning moments unfold
One beyond another..

Coffee, but not too much
A candle flame warms the darkness, but not too much
A zebra pen pauses over an empty savannah, but not for too long.
Lemonade and lotus blossoms..
I can’t quite stop thinking of them
Lotus blossoms and lemonade
They’re just there is all
In my wanderings, and they sound so lyrical together
Tart yellow citrus and a hearty flower
…the blossoming of enlightenment 
Mostly, I like the song they sing together 
But, I shall keep them close this day to see if they have another gift.
Everything becomes a piece of music to me
I’m not certain why
Nevertheless, I am grateful 
For the rock and the jazz, the country and the classical 
I love it all…

Today is Thorsday 
The day of Thor
Which sets me to conjuring a realm
Full of mythos and legend 
I cross the rainbow bridge
And climb into the world tree
I love that image
Of a world tree
With roots and branches reaching in every direction
So much farther than I could ever see
Home to an infinitude of life
Nearly unfathomable to me
Yet, I try to fathom it.
A gentle smile comes over me
As I imagine so many animals
From tiny to enormous 
Gentle giants and busy scurriers 
I suspect humans are the scurriers.
Have you ever watched an elephant
Listening to Beethoven
Played on a piano 
In wide open spaces..

How I would dearly love to spend my days in such a way as that
Making beautiful music for elephants 
How worthy…of time..
Imagine..zillions of elephants 
Living in the world tree
Swaying peacefully 
To the sounds of Moonlight Sonata 
The whole tree rocking with them
And, all the little ones 
Drifting to sleep
Under a midnight sun 
And a noontime moon
In the protective embrace 
Of the mighty world tree
…a lingering lullaby
For the whole cosmos…

ellie894 January 30, 2020

I have decided!

I have decided,
To build The Wall.
It will keep Me in.
And, keep You out.
Yes!  It is a fine idea.
I have been counting the virtues of it,
..for quite a while.
Now, the time has come to build it, once and for all.
I have bricks and mortar piled up in the east.
Steel beams and girders are stacked in the west.
The plans are drawn out.
And, I shall begin this very day.
The Wall will be ginormous! 
It shall be taller than You can climb over, 
And, longer than I can walk around.
The Wall will change everything.
It will keep You out. 
And, keep Me in.
We will be safe and sound,
From each other.
There will be No more tea and cookies shared,
No more needless laughter,
No more such silly and dastardly things,
That get in the way,
Of being cynical and cranky.
There will be,
No more smiles to cheer Your day, 
Or hugs to remind Me that I am loved.
But, by golly We will have..The Wallllllllll
Standing between Us!
..that delightful wall..
…..keeping me in..
.and you out………….
I wonder if I can return steel beams and piles of bricks..
I wonder if I can exchange them, 
For Flower seeds,
And sapling Trees,
To grow a Garden, 
Instead of a wall.
You see…
I have already begun to miss you so,
So…so…that dastardly wall,
It really must go.
I have decided!
I will not build it! 
Not now! 
Not ever! 
We will sow
We will plant
We will grow
Maples and pines
Sunflowers and roses
Lilies and lavender
Morning glories and moon flowers
And all manner of beautiful things…
We shall rest in the shade of the pines.
There we will be..
You and me…
Over cookies and tea…
without any walls, 
And how very lovely that will be.

ellie894 January 20, 2020

Happy New Year!

My kindest thanks to Rory for the ‘New Year’s Tag’ prompt. If you’ve not met Rory please do go and have a visit.

Here is how to participate:

Share a link back to the person who tagged you.

Share a link to the person who created the tag-jesusluvsall.wordpress.com

Share a favorite New Year’s Memory

Answer the questions of the person who tagged you.

Tag whoever you want.

Use any picture that you like for New Years.

Memory –

This is more of a mysterious New Year‘s memory.On December 31, 2016 I went walking as I so often do and everything was as it should be. The very next morning, nice and early January 1, 2017 I saw something that caught my eye. It’s in the tree branches to Bo’s right. Look closely.

*** a wine glass was resting purposefully in the bare branches of a tree right at eye level. It brought to mind a dozen questions! I left it where I found it. Day after day I walked passed it for nearly a year. It became a part of things. Until one day someone came along and moved it. It surprised me how much I missed it being in the cedar tree.

An empty glass waiting to be filled with anything. Like a new year, empty and waiting to be filled with anything.It was that spring that I first started writing here on WordPress

To the questions –

If you could celebrate the New Year anywhere. where would it be?

sky and water…

…right here is good…

What is your favorite snack food for New Years?

although I like lots of different foods, like cheese and kettle chips and fruit and guacamole and salsa…really really I do. But, I just can’t resist the chance to say…Cookies! You didn’t see that coming did you… world’s most perfect food.

Bo, however, likes toast! He can hear a toaster pop in the next county over.He’s very well mannered though when he waits for his share…

Have you ever kept a New Year’s resolution? If so, what was it?

Well, this morning I opened my sock drawer and as I looked at the options it came to me clear as day…life is shortwear your best socks now. Don’t save them. You’re worth good socks, the kind that hug your feet.Unless you’re going to play in the mud with Dobby. Keep one pair of old socks on hand for messy doggy days.

So, I think I’ve just made a resolution. I’ll let you know next year how it all turns out.

I think I’ll ask Jack to teach me some new yoga poses too…stretch both the body and the soul..

What do you want to do with your blog this year?

Intrigue! Mystery! High Speed Adventure!

Perhaps I’ll tell you about my book idea. I already have a title. It will be called – The Dog Eats Half My Food. I can’t decide if it will be a memoir or a diet book. Probably, both. It will be riveting...and slimming…

And hopefully some quiet and thoughtful reflection…

Do you prefer a big party or a small gathering to celebrate? 

Small, definitely small. Get two sofas and have them face each other. Push them together until there isn’t any floor between them. Add fluffy pillows and blankets. Now then, you’ve built a sofa fort and you’re all set!

Who is next to answer the ‘same’ questions?

I invite anyone and everyone to wade right in and give it a go!

Thank you so kindly to all of you for being such a beautiful part of my days.I’m very grateful for You!

Suzanne ❤️

January 2, 2020

fire will never be water…

One cannot blame the water for doing what water does

Anymore than one can blame the fire
All things of this world are simply what they are
They come and they go
Seeking solace and balance,
Their own sweet place in this odd turn of events
That we call life
Letting go of all they are not meant to be
To be only what they are
Fire will never be water
Air will never be earth
And me…
I am a piece of them all
I am the wind that blows, thoughts drifting through my mind
I am the land, a dusty shell that walks the path only for a while
I am the fire, created in a moment of passion,
Seeking to feed the flame
I am the water, life giving and nourishing, 
Deeper than can be seen
I am all of these, and spirit as well
The breath that comes from somewhere
The knowing that comes from nowhere
And if one by one they each left me…
What would I be then
Would I be anything at all
Or would I vanish in a flash
Buried in the dust
Drowned by the water
Burned within the flame 
Carried unseen by the wind
To a new place 
Not even imagined yet…


ellie894 December 16, 2019

and the wind came…

Nearly a whole moon ago
I lazed beneath a crystal blue
And above a glittering shimmering
One reflected in the other
As it came to be the same with me
Memory waltzed with thought
In a seamless dance of spirit
Three quarter time
In tune with the breeze
And with me
And three times again
A butterfly
Appeared to the right of me
A monarch surprise
Wherever he came from
I know not
Which doesn’t matter much anyway
It is only special
That he found me
At the heart of a special day
And three times again
I was mesmerized 
So out of place he was
Suspended between blue and blue
With no field and no flowers
Anywhere in sight
Leading me gently to ask why
And twice
And three times again
As the wheel of life does turn 
Upon itself
So did he
To me
His wings sang of sunset
A feast of a thousand peaches
Ripened in an evening sky
He did not float in still air
Nor, did he fly strong and purposely
He was a winged mystery 
In the face of the invisible 
Not fighting against the unseen
Instead, he let himself just be
And the wind came
And carried him 
To all the places 
He could never have imagined 
For himself.
Then, ever so gracefully,
And three times again
He fluttered near
And carried me there too…

ellie894 November 4, 2019
there was a butterfly that day, a stunning peachy tangerine one. Out of place. Three times he came to me from nowhere, over the water, under the sky and out of the breeze.

can a sweater be like a tango…

I want to begin with a where,
And a why,
And a sort of a how.
I want to tell you that the light is soft,
Whether it is the flicker of a candle or the glow of a lamp.
I want to tell you of the music,
As a piano dances, a violin takes to the sky and lyrics sink into the depths of me.

I want to tell you of my sweater,
The long gray one that falls to the backs of my calves, 
that sways with my every move, 
much like a tango, 
only with a more subtle flair.
Can a sweater even be like a tango…  
I wrote that over and again last night,
And deleted it each time.  
Yet, here I am writing it once more. 
Perhaps it wants to be written, and wants to be told. 
There are other thoughts too, 
Moments of nothing but cloudy mist,
Afternoons weary from searching 
The edges of dawn blushing at the very thought of what may be,

And, the way I love coffee with cream
In a small cup 
First thing.
And later in the day, tea
Also in a small cup
Sweetened with a touch of cane sugar
And stirred rhythmically 
With my favorite spoon.
Do you know why I love a small cup?
Because, I sip more than I drink,
I savor more than I gulp.
I like my brew hot…
Too big of a cup, and it goes…
It’s not meant to be cold,
It’s meant to be…
…and steamy and bold.
So that the cup may warm my hands,
As the brew warms my soul…
That’s the way it’s meant to be,
As the sun upon my face
As the love within my heart,
My hands hold gently
My lips kiss the edges
And I am embraced by the heat
So very completely…
That’s the way it’s meant to be

ellie894 November 14, 2019

come with me…I shall give you something and take you somewhere

The Animal Family by Randall Jarrell

Is there anything so nice 
As curling up 
With a lovely book
A cup of tea
And something sweet…
Seven chapters long,
Reminds me of a week of days
How much longer it must have taken than that to create the tale,
To watch it become more than mere words
Illustration by Maurice Sendak

The mother, the father and the boy
Were shipwrecked on a deserted island
Time passed
As time does,
Whether there are clocks to mark it or not.
The mother passed
The father passed 
And, the boy was alone
But, he was no longer the boy
He was the hunter now

Evening after evening 
Her soft voice 
Called him to the shore
And to her song
Where the alone of him
Met the sea of her
Lapped at his heart
As waves that wet the sand
And make it their very own

So, the mermaid 
Who had spent her whole life 
Swimming away from things
Left her watery world
To be with the hunter
In their island home
Now, they were two

Time passed 
As time does
And the hunter found the cub
The baby who would grow to be the brown bear
The hunter brought him home
The sticky honey loving bear 
Who curled up by the fire to sleep
Now, they were three
Time passed 
As time does
And the hunter found the kitten
The baby who would grow to be the lynx
The hunter brought him home
The playful purring lynx 
Who loved to give you somethings 
And get you to go to somewheres 
Now, they were four

Time passed 
As time does
And the lynx found a boy  
Who would become The boy
But, for now 
He was a crying baby in a shipwreck,
On that self same shore
Where the hunter had once been the boy in the shipwreck 
Where the calling song was sung
Where the mermaid left the sea
And the hunter had carried her home
Yes, that self same shore
With the heart-lapping waves

So with the help of the bear,
The lynx brought the boy to their home 
The one overlooking the sea
The hunter, the mermaid, the bear, the lynx and the boy
Now, were five
Just as one head, two hands and two feet
Are five
Held together by home and by heart
Time passed 
As time does..
…in every line of the tale
There was the whisper of the waves
On the shipwrecked island shore
Singing the song of belonging
The boy, the lynx, the bear, the mermaid and the hunter
Who lived and loved
Who loved and lived
As time passed
As time does
For now and for evermore…

There were no a’s in this tale 
As an a could be anyone
Any hunter, any mermaid, any bear, any lynx, any boy
And there were no anyones in this tale
There were only someones
There were no names in this tale
But, names were not needed
Nor were they missed
I knew each someone well
As well as they knew each other
The hunter only ever hunted for one thing really,
What do You think it was…
And which The are You…


I recently read The Animal Family by Randall Jarrell.   This is my own retelling of it and how it came to find a home in the heart of me. It’s a charming story written in 1965 with a few very sweet illustrations by Maurice Sendak.  At the library it is shelved in the children’s section, and that is where it found me…

ellie894 October 14, 2019
Jarrell, Randall. The Animal Family. New York: Pantheon Books, 1965