No dreams last night, or at least none that I can recall. I’m a little antsy. Maybe about writing. Maybe something else. Walking in the rain. Trees that fall down. Clyde and Camellia. Creepy crawlers and all grown up. Growing up is when you learn to not run from what’s in front of you. I’m staring more than writing. Why is it always so hard to get started.  

Before dawn, still sleepy eyed I tiptoed out the back door. With bare feet I took the small step down off the back porch in search of the gentle silvery spotlight of the full moon. Sand gave way under my feet. It surprised me at how soft and cool it was. I dug my toes in just a little. Jack and Huckleberry joined me in honoring the hushed silence of the moment. The sweet moon gathered all round me in a lovely embrace. 

She was perfectly wonderful making her way through the trees…as though she was there…just for me. How funny that always seems. When something so universal feels so intimate. Far off, a solitary owl, his call echoing through the woods…to who…to who… and there I was too, as still as anything in the shining and in the dark, feeling…very solitary. 

I wonder, how many stood under the same moon at the same moment. did they wonder too. did they hear an owl hoot. did they feel special in an alone sort of way. a small part of something so much bigger than themselves. did they wish upon a star. did they hum a little tune.  

Or…was I after all…the only one standing in the light of the moon, looking to the stars for guidance and for hope. Saying a prayer for courage and for grace…

As we headed out on our morning walk the sun began rising behind me. Already he was warming the sand that had been so delightfully cool only moments before. My time worn path lay before me lit from within by a fiery glow. This way!  He called.  Ahead, the moon was still high in the sky.   But with every step I took… it faded just a little more. 

 She became transparent…and then…invisible…right before my eyes. what now? how will I know? My silvery rays of hope…The moon is still there in the sky. I trust that she is…even when I cannot see her… I know in my heart…she is there…always…

14 thoughts on “in the shining and in the dark

  1. “When something so universal feels so intimate.” SO, TRUE, Ellie!!! I often walk out in the dark myself. There is something about the mystic white light that seems to set your heart on a strange, soothing kind of fire. I mean, it’s easy to survive the day, but to survive the night – while awake – one needs all the courage in the world for the dark is when the most intimate of our thoughts awaken and purge the mind of all the unimportant crap it picked up during the day.
    ARRGHH!!! I LOOVED THIS POST!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    PS. Why don’t you add a Follow via email button to your blog? I mean, I hate it when I miss your recent posts. They are too gorgeously written and emails will ensure that your readers get to read EVERY. SINGLE..ONE. ☺☺

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    1. I’m so happy you liked it! Thank you for reading and for your always kind comments! 😊

      Now you will giggle at me…thank you for the p.s. I didn’t know I could add a button to follow via email 😂. Obviously I’m not super technical. 😂 I will look into it and see if I can figure it out. So…seriously…Thank you!!

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      1. OOHHHH!!! It’s ffiiiiiiiiinneeee, Ellie. ☺ I didn’t know about it until recently. But it’ll be great if you will figure it out. When you customize your theme, you can add it as a widget in your sidebar or footer. ☺☺☺

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      2. Ah! A widget! I’ve always wondered what to do with those😂. Ok…I’m going to try…
        P. S. There was a charity book sale in town this week and I picked up Wuthering Heights!😊

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      3. OH YAYYYYYYY!!!! YOU HAVE NOOO IDEA HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME!! *sobbing* 😢 PLEASE, PLEEAAAASEEE let me know once you are done reading it? I’d LOOOOOVE to discuss it with you!!! 😊❤❤

        AND GUESS WHO’S GETTING A NEW KINDLE?!??! MEEEEEE!!! 😁😁 I am super psyched! I have just started using Netgalley and the ARCs are in e-format. I AM SOOO HAPPY!! YAYY!!💃💃

        I am soo sorry to spam your blog with unrequited details though! 😅😅😅 BUT I JUST HAD TO TELL YOUUUU!! 😂😂

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      4. Your excitement is delightfully contagious and a joy to me! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your new kindle! I will look forward to reading about all you learn from your new adventure 😊

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